Bettors Ghana: Sports Betting, News, Legal Updates & Insights

One of the most popular online activities for Ghanaians is online sports betting. Sports betting in Ghana is fully legal and regulated, and you can keep reading on to learn more.

Sports betting is fully legal in Ghana, and there are many betting sites for sports bettors. Some of the available markets include soccer, tennis, and basketball.

The Gaming Commission of Ghana regulates both land-based and online gambling in Ghana. That means the majority of sports betting sites in Ghana are fully regulated and licensed. In addition to sports betting, the Gaming Commission also regulates casinos, gaming machines, horse races, scratch cards, bingo, etc. Both land-based and online editions of these are regulated.

Many huge international betting operators are still not allowed in Ghana. They do not have a GCG license, for example. Instead, the operators targeting the market are more local and focused on this country.

Sports Betting in Ghana

With legalised sports betting, there are a lot of markets that are extremely popular in this country. These markets and sports are highly sought after by sports bettors. So, expect nearly every online betting site to offer them!

Bet on Soccer in Ghana

Soccer is probably the most popular sport in the world. It should not be surprising that it is also beloved in Ghana. Punters have a lot of sports knowledge when it comes to soccer.

At any betting site, you will find more soccer events than anything else. Some of them offer thousands of upcoming soccer games to bet on. There are also lots of betting markets and bonuses for this sport. Football markets in Ghana include Match Winner, 1×2, Handicaps, Over/Under, Odd/Even, Half Time/Full Time, and more.

Punters in Ghana don’t just bet on foreign and international matches. The Ghana National Football team is one of the best in Africa. So, there’s a lot of national excitement and enthusiasm as well.

Bet on Tennis in Ghana

Tennis is also a popular sport in Ghana and around the world. At most sports betting sites, many tennis events and betting markets are probably second to soccer.

The rules of tennis aren’t highly intuitive. There are a lot of factors to consider, but that also means there’s a large chance of turning the tables. That kind of possibility keeps betting on tennis in Ghana fresh and exciting.

Bet on Basketball in Ghana

Basketball is another extremely popular sport for Ghanaian punters. Now, basketball might not be as big as soccer or tennis, but it is typically the third biggest betting market in any sportsbook. It includes international leagues like the NBA and World Cups.

It is an exciting game to watch and wager on. There are numerous betting markets for basketball at the majority of betting sites. Betting markets like Over/Under, Exact Score and Total Score are all really fascinating to wager on in basketball. And of course, there are match winner bets as usual.

Sports Betting in Ghana

List of Betting Sites in Ghana

There are several top-notch betting sites in Ghana. What each of them has in common is that they only accept Ghanaian punters. They also have additional conveniences, such as using payment methods common to Ghana. So, punters in Ghana can easily and conveniently sign up and start betting at these sites.

Welcome Bonuses on Betting Sites

Punters in Ghana can expect to get some welcome bonuses and rewards. These rewards are given up for signing at one of the online sports betting sites in Ghana. Here is our list of the best sites and their welcome bonus offers:

Online Betting Sites in GhanaBonus DescriptionVisit the Site
200% up to 2080 GHS*
Get Up to GHS 200 in Free Bets*
100% first deposit bonus up to €100*
Premier Bet
Get Up to 750% Extra Cash on Winnings*
Claim 100% bonus up to 400 GHS*
My Bet Africa
Get 100% money-back on First Loss*Coming Soon
Multiply your Winnings*Coming Soon
*Full terms and conditions apply.

Livescore in Ghana

In Ghana, most sports betting websites aren’t just for placing bets. You can also keep track of livescore updates on them.

The live score is basically a real-time update of the game as they progress. It’s particularly useful for live betting. After all, you are placing wagers on a game that is happening in real time. You may not have a TV to watch the game on or some other live stream right at hand.

This is especially true in Ghana, where a lot of punters are using mobiles to place their bets. Streaming an entire football match of 90 minutes using mobile data would be really painful. Livescore is an alternate approach to this, as it involves updating live data without a video stream.

A few sites also provide a live stream. This is an alternative for players who want something more exciting while also keeping an eye on the livescore.

New Betting Sites in Ghana

The sports betting market in Ghana is rapidly expanding these days. There are numerous sites that have only gotten their licenses approved in the last few years. Two brand new betting sites in Ghana punters might want to check out are.

Soccabet – Soccabet was launched in Ghana to support and enable sports betting everywhere throughout the country. Because of that, it has over 60 different physical shops around the country.

However, it is still an online sportsbook with over 1,000 betting markets and some great bonuses. Punters who sign up for Soccabet can get a winnings bonus for multi-bets after meeting the terms. Soccabet also has a strong focus on responsible and lawful gameplay.

MyBetMyBet Africa aims to be the number one sports betting website in Africa. It is available not just in Ghana but also in multiple other African countries. At MyBet, there are thousands of betting markets. These encompass betting on sports and virtual sports, as well as live betting.

MyBet was established in 2018 and is fully licensed in Ghana. They are owned by KMK Entertainment. Punters who sign up for MyBet can also collect interesting free accumulator bonuses if they meet the terms.

New Betting Sites in GhanaReview
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SoccaBet Review
MyBet Review
betPawa Review

So, what exactly can punters in Ghana bet on? Which national and international events are there for sports betting? The answer is lots of them. Ghanaian punters can wager on nearly every major sporting event in the world.

All sportsbooks cover big sporting events like world cups and top leagues. Smaller and niche sporting events will still be covered by one or two of them. Now we will list some popular sporting events for wagering in Ghana.


The AFCON – The Africa Cup of Nations is the biggest sporting event on the continent. It is the premier African football tournament where the top African players and teams duke it out.

Ghana’s football team is always one of the favourites for the AFCON. They have placed in the top four positions six times in the last seven tournaments, so Ghana’s punters are always hopeful that their team will pull off a win the next time.

Throughout history, Ghana had four wins in the Africa Cup of Nations. They won in 1963, 1965, 1978, and then in 1982. They also came second place multiple times: in 1968, 1970, 1992, and more recently in 2010 and 2015.

The World Cup

The World Cup – The biggest football tournament in the world bar none, the World Cup features the top teams around the globe. In fact, it might be the biggest event in sports and sports betting. Obviously, Ghanaian punters are always absolutely excited to wager on the World Cup.

Ghana’s national team has also made it to the World Cup many times, which increases the excitement tenfold. They have even come within sight of the world cup trophy several times. They nearly reached the semi-finals in the 2010 World Cup.

English Premier League

English Premier League – The top English football league is just one step below the World Cup. With clubs like Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester City, Chelsea, and other top-notch football teams, it’s obvious why Ghana’s punters love to wager on it.

There are a lot of deep-seated rivalries at play, which in turn leads to intense, close matches. Sports betting for this event is as exciting as it can get.

English Football Championship

English Football Championship – The English Football Championship might come second to the EPL, but it is still a top league. The best teams are relegated in the English Premier League.

La Liga

La Liga – The top Spanish league is just as popular as the English Premier League. In La Liga, you will see some of the best teams in the world, like Barcelona, Sevilla, Real Madrid, and others.

This is the top level of football competition, so there’s a lot of excitement in La Liga. World-famous players like Messi and Ronaldo made their careers in La Liga.

These aren’t the only big tournaments for sports betting. There are tons of other opportunities for betting, even in soccer. Outside soccer, some of the top sporting events are the various World Cups, the NFL, the NBA, The NHL, etc.

Football is incredibly popular in Ghana. The top football players are just as exciting for Ghanaian punters to wager on. While Ghana might not be a world-class football team, it has certainly produced world-class football players over the years.

Some of these players like Samuel Kuffour, Daniel Amartey, and Thomas Parte have contributed to Ghana’s Africa Cup of Nations Wins. Others have played for the best teams in the top European leagues. They have held up the biggest football trophies at times.

Most Popular Football Players

Our Betting Guides

Are you a new punter looking to get into wagering on sports? We have plenty of guides covering different aspects of sports betting.

Our betting guide on ‘How to Bet on Sports’ will teach you all about the very basics. This includes how to register for an online sports bets website, as well as make deposits and wagers. These are essential pieces of sports knowledge necessary for any punters.

Moving on, you can learn about casino betting and mobile betting. Both of these are very popular activities in Ghana. Our guide on casino betting covers which type of casino games are available and how to play them. These include slots, blackjack, roulette, poker, and so on.

Since many Ghanaian punters use mobile phones rather than PCs, our guide on mobile betting can be useful. If you are one of them, learn how to deposit, place bets, and withdraw all from your mobile phone.

Betting Predictions in Ghana

For betting on sports, the most important thing is to make betting predictions. In football, betting predictions mostly focus on Match Winner, Over/Under, Half Time/Full Time betting markets. These markets are somewhat straightforward and easy to win.

For basketball, the betting predictions are also usually Match Winner and Over/Under. The same goes for tennis, ice hockey and handball.

Responsible Gambling Practices

Betting and gambling are fun activities. But it can also be dangerous, especially to punters who bet more than they can afford to lose. If you treat betting as a fun activity, you won’t have any issues with problem gambling. But if you do not, then there can be some consequences. Sometimes, you may get unlucky and lose all your betting money. That doesn’t mean you should start taking money from necessities to win it back.

The chances of successfully winning it back are really low. Furthermore, you may lose your savings or go bankrupt trying to catch up to your losses. This situation is, unfortunately, more common than expected. So, don’t treat betting as a source of income or a way to get rich quickly. Sports betting and gambling are primarily for fun.