BetWinner App Ghana – The Download Guide + 2023 Review

As mobile devices become central to our online experience, it is only natural that sports betting sites should come into the fold sooner or later. In that sense, the BetWinner app for Android and iOS has been a pioneering innovation.


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You can do everything that you can do on their site with a few taps on your smartphone. This includes claiming BetWinner promo code among other things.

How to Download the BetWinner Android App?

Since much of the Ghanaian and global population use Android devices, the mobile app for Android is the most obvious choice for mobile betting.

Follow the steps below to download the BetWinner app for an Android device:

  1. Visit the BetWinner website.

  2. Click on the BetWinner app for Android download button.

  3. Download the BetWinner apk file onto your device.

  4. Install the BetWinner app on your device.

During installation, you may receive a warning that you should not install unauthorized third-party mobile apps from untrusted sources.

But since the mobile app is a trusted source, you can go through with the installation process.

Once you are done, the betting app will be available on your device. And you can start enjoying mobile sports betting.

How to Download the BetWinner iOS App?

Despite the predominance of Android in terms of sheer numbers, users of Apple devices are a significant cohort too. And BetWinner recognizes this fact. It is not like other bookmakers who seem oblivious to the importance of catering to this demographic.

So, if you are an iOS user with limited mobile betting options, the BetWinner app can come to your rescue.

Follow the steps below to download BetWinner app on your iPhone and iPad:

  1. Visit the brand’s website.
  2. Click on the download BetWinner app for iOS devices.
    IOS BetWinner
  3. Scan the QR code which will direct you to the App Store.
  4. Download and install the app directly from the App Store.

Alternatively, you can skip the first 3 steps and go to the App Store on your device directly.

You can search for the BetWinner app there. And then follow the instructions in step 4.

Thus, in a few simple steps, you can have the BetWinner mobile app on any iOS device of your choice. And let us assure you, mobile betting does not get any better than betting on the BetWinner iOS app.

Mobile App

Author’s Opinion on BetWinner Mobile App

The most amazing thing about the BetWinner mobile app in Ghana is that you can use it on both iOS and Android devices. It’s not every day that we see an African bookmaker offering both apps at once.

The usability of the app is top-notch. If you’re familiar with the BetWinner layout, you can intuitively use the app.

Not only that but all the bonuses punters love from BetWinner are carried over on the apps. If you don’t like to sit in front of a screen for hours, the app is a better choice for you than the website.

Sure, you can use the mobile website too but that’s not as easy to use as the apps. The settings modification for the Android app may throw you off a little.

BetWinner App System Requirements

The BetWinner app is not so advanced as to cut out access to budget and mid-range phones. That is because the system requirements do not require the latest flagships.

However, extremely old phones with outdated operating systems may not work.

For the Android BetWinner apk app, all phones with Android version 4.1 or higher will be compatible. In addition, your device will need to have a minimum screen resolution of 320 X 480.

And, as far as the BetWinner app for iOS is concerned, all devices running on iOS versions 9 and above will be compatible. But you will need at least 18 MB of free storage on your device.

Needless to say, you will need to have access to an adequate internet connection in both cases. That is a fundamental requirement.

Features of the BetWinner Ghana App

The BetWinner app comes packed with several interesting features that make the BetWinner app download a useful thing to do. It is not a mediocre app that the sportsbook has cobbled up just for the sake of having a mobile app.

The following sections scrutinise the various aspects of the app and tell you exactly why you should download the BetWinner app.

Live Betting

The BetWinner app for Android and iOS enables you to do everything on your mobile device that you can do from your laptop. This includes live betting.

But live betting is incomplete without live scores and updates. And guess what? You can access them through the mobile app too.

In fact, live scores and updates are even better on the BetWinner app. That is because you get instant notifications which we will explain in detail later.

But the crux of the matter is that you will not have to constantly stare at your screen to get the updates. The updates will be given to you as notifications.

Instant Notifications

Arguably, the best thing about having the BetWinner app is that you get real-time updates as push notifications. That means you no longer need to log in to check for the latest events, bets, or offers.

Ideally, all this information should be delivered to your phone. And you can take immediate action based on that information.

This can help during live betting, as the previous section explained. But this can be helpful in several other ways too.

For example, you will no longer need to proactively check for promotions. The app will tell you what the latest bonuses are. Then you can simply reject or avail of an offer with a few taps.

You will also never have to worry about keeping your app up-to-date. The app will notify you every time there is an update. Moreover, you can simply enable auto-updates and the app will take care of itself.

Bet History

The app gives you access to your entire bet history. But not just your bet history but other details about your BetWinner account too.

For example, you can see your deposits and withdrawals history too.

This means that you will have total access to your account at all times. As a consequence, you can gain insights into your betting activities and reorient your behaviour or strategy.

This can be very helpful if you are someone who is serious about preventing addiction or disastrous losses.

For example, say, you are about to make a bet on your phone. But you have no idea how much money you have lost recently.

That can put you in a difficult situation and you may be unable to make a decision. Or you might end up making a wrong decision.

However, since the BetWinner app gives you access to your bet history, you can have that knowledge at your disposal. Thus, you should definitely consider the BetWinner app download.

Multiple Languages

BetWinner is a global brand of bookmakers that caters to punters in Ghana. Therefore, their site is optimised to both sets of punters, that is, Ghanaian as well as international.

You may notice that the site is available in multiple languages. This includes English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, and Chinese among a few others.

This all-embracing attitude towards punters from different regions has been carried forward to the mobile app. And the biggest evidence of that is the app is also available in just as many languages.

Therefore, if you are comfortable betting in a language other than English, the app allows you to do that as well.

Enhanced Betting Experience

Mobile betting with the BetWinner mobile app is just as good as doing it on a big screen. The prime reason behind that is the app is optimised to give you all the same options.

This is perhaps most notable in terms of the betting markets. You can choose from all the sports, events, and markets that the brand has on its site.

But the difference is that all of that is in your pocket all the time. You can access them whenever you want with a few taps on your phone.

This is further made convenient by the navigability of the app. The interface and the experience are quite amazing.

You never feel lost amidst a sea of features or options. Everything is easily discoverable and you can follow the betting process in as hassle-free a manner as you are used to.

betwinner betting

Faster Processing Speed

In this guide, we have repeatedly told you that all the features on the sportsbook’s site are available in the app. Furthermore, the brand has a mobile site as well which we will review.

So, what makes the app so special? The simple answer to that question is the processing speed of the app. And that means better response times and fewer technical glitches, crashes, slowdowns, etc.

Thus, while it is true that you can always get the same features through the website, you should still consider the app.

BetWinner app download will give you the fastest and most seamless way to do sports betting from your phone.

Welcome Bonus

BetWinner has some excellent bonuses for both new and existing users.

This includes an incredible first deposit welcome bonus which can be claimed during registration. The bonus promises a 200% deposit match for amounts up to GHS 1,625.00.

But the question is, can you claim the BetWinner promo code in the app? The answer is a resounding yes.

You can claim the BetWinner welcome bonus and every other bonus through the app. That makes accessing offers so convenient because you can do it anytime and from anywhere.

BetWinner Mobile Bonus


The BetWinner app also makes the login process a bit redundant. The app may log you out infrequently for security reasons but you will be connected most of the time.

You will find that the app functions on a plug-and-play, or rather tap-and-play, basis. You can simply tap the app icon and the entire site is open to you.

No need to enter your credentials or go through the login process every time you want to get into your account.

BetWinner Mobile Version

Though this guide is about the BetWinner apk for Android and app for iOS, there could be situations in which you may be unable to benefit from them. It could be that your phone is too old and does not meet the system requirements.

Or, it could be that your phone has run out of storage and you cannot download the app because of that reason.

It could be myriad technical issues that prevent you from using the app. So, in that case, what can you do?

The answer is that you can easily get the next best experience through the mobile version of the BetWinner site. In fact, the site is almost identical to the app in terms of features, user interface, layout, etc.

So, the site is not a major step down from the BetWinner mobile app. You can get more or less the same portable sports betting experience.

Moreover, it will not slow down your phone or eat up space in your storage. But the downside is that it is a bit slower than the app.

That is not a major issue to begin with but it can add up over time. Especially as we have become habituated to glitch-free and super-fast response times.

BetWinner App Download FAQs

You can find answers to the basic questions about BetWinner App Download in the sections below:

Yes, the BetWinner apk, as well as the BetWinner iOS app, are both completely free to download. There is no charge involved for app download but you will need real money for betting.

The BetWinner app should be available for free download through the App Store on your iPhone.

You can directly download and install the app from there. Or, you can use the QR code on the BetWinner site.

The BetWinner app functions in the same way as the desktop or mobile site.

The features, layout, design, user interface, etc. are more or less the same. Especially if you have been using the mobile version of the site.

The BetWinner login process requires your phone number/email address/user ID and password.

The same as the login process through the site. But the app keeps you logged in for longer periods than the site.

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