BetKing Old Mobile | How to Access the Old Mobile Version of BetKing in Ghana?

BetKing is a relatively new online sports betting site that constantly updates its products. But there are a variety of reasons why customers might want to use the BetKing old mobile app. Read on to find out how to download the old version and how to use it.

What is BetKing Old Mobile?

BetKing’s mobile site is very impressive and provides a wide range of betting opportunities for customers. Once you sign up using a BetKing promotion code, you will see what is on offer.

However, many people have older phones that cannot sometimes deal with the updated versions of the site or the BetKing app. As a result, this operator allows customer account holders to download the older versions.

If you use the BetKing old mobile version, there will be elements of the latest edition that won’t be available. Nonetheless, if it suits you to utilize the older version, it is good to know that you can still access BetKing and remain a valued customer.

How to Download the BetKing Old Mobile App

If you want to download the old mobile version, you just need to go about it similarly to any other mobile download.

How to download the BetKing old mobile app?

  1. Firstly, click on any button in this BetKing review to get to the starting point.

  2. You should see a list of previous versions of the BetKing mobile site.

  3. Select which BetKing old mobile version you require.

  4. Download the apk file onto your device.

  5. You should ensure that your phone’s settings are set to accept downloads from unknown sources.

  6. When the download procedure is complete, you can finish the installation onto your phone.

BetKing Old Mobile

BetKing Old Mobile Version

The BetKing old mobile version is effectively a stripped-down version of the site. As with any respected online sports betting site, BetKing has updated its mobile version over the last few years to ensure customers get the best experience. However, certain devices will not be able to support the new features.

By using the old mobile version, customers can continue to place bets and access all the more basic features of the site. There may be a few elements from the new official betting site that is not available on the old mobile platform; check the operator to confirm.

BetKing Old Mobile Features

The old version of the BetKing mobile site caters to customers with older phones. Here are some of the features that you can expect from the BetKing old mobile version.


The older version provides users with a more basic design. All the same betting markets are still there, but the look of the old site is much more stripped back. Despite several new icons being unavailable, this should not stop you from understanding what to do or how to bet.


You will find that everything is easy to locate on the old version of the BetKing mobile site. The menus are all there; they are just, even more, simpler and easy to understand.

Banking Options

You will find numerous payment method options now accepted by BetKing, which cannot be used on the old mobile site. All the main ones are still there – so you should not have any problems depositing and withdrawing funds. But you should check before you start using it.

Betting Markets and Odds

As we have mentioned, you can still bet on all the main markets at BetKing – and the odds are exactly the same as the more modern versions. The process is also completely identical and is still very quick and straightforward on the BetKing old mobile site.

BetKing Mobile Odds

BetKing Old Mobile Review

In conclusion, we would still recommend the BetKing old mobile version. If you have a later style of phone or want the most up-to-date site, it is probably not for you. However, if you wish to continue to access a BetKing customer account on an older phone, it is still well worth checking it out.

While it may be a little slower than the latest version, it is not enough to give up on the old version.


Is there a BetKing old mobile app?

Yes. Just click on any of the buttons in this article to discover the older mobile site versions.

What are the system requirements to access the BetKing old mobile?

It depends on which version of the BetKing mobile site you are looking to download. Obviously, you can run an older system and still use these versions.

Why can’t I access the BetKing old mobile?

If you are having problems using an old version of the BetKing mobile site, it may be because your phone is still too outdated. It might be worth checking for an even older version. Otherwise, you can get in touch with customer service.