Premier Bet Predictions and Betting Tips for July, 2024

This article will reveal the top Premier Bet predictions from Ghana’s own top sportsbook. Pay close attention as our team of experts will discuss the Premier Bet jackpot predictions, rules, tips and more.

Premier Bet Predictions for Today

Premier Bet predictions are updated on a regular basis, based on a number of conditions. Below, you can find today’s list of Premier Bet jackpot predictions:

Premier Bet Jackpot Predictions

The Premier Bet Jackpot is known as the Super6. The name comes from the fact that punters have to predict the outcome of six matches. If a single one of them is wrong, you will fail.

A good way of improving your chances is to use Premier Bet tips. However, Premier Bet offers also other promotions besides the jackpot bonus, such as a Premier Bet promo code offer.

Premier Bet Predictions


The rules of the Premier Bet Predictions are simple. A list of six football games is selected for the Super6 by the operator of Premier Bet. These matches are chosen for two reasons:

  1. They are highly anticipated and hyped matches;
  2. Matches take place quite close together (date). 

Basically, it is really difficult to predict who would win beforehand.

For each game, players must bet on the total score. However, just doing six scores for six matches would be too easy. A lot of people might get it correct out of sheer luck without relying on any research or Premier Bet tips.

There is a second choice that acts as a tiebreaker. Players must choose the “Golden Goal.” If you have not heard of it before, here is a quick refresher.

The Golden Goal is the very first goal scored in all the matches out of all the Premier Bet predictions fixtures. If a goal is not scored at all in the first match, then the golden goal could be scored in the second or third.

Players must predict the exact time of this golden goal. The predictions are divided into minutes. The 1st minute covers the first 60 seconds of the match, from 0:00 to 0:59.

The 2nd minute covers the next 60 seconds, from 1:00 to 1:59, and so on.

There are 90 choices here, so it’s unlikely that someone will get the exact same predictions once again. The winner will be the one whose answer was closest to the actual time the first goal was scored.

Winning Prizes

Keeping in with the ‘six’ theme, the Premier Bet Super6 jackpot has a prize pool of GHS 6,000. Unlike many other sports, this prize is not shared between winners except under very specific and rare circumstances.

Most of the time, there will be only one winner who walks away with the GHS 6,000 Premier Bet jackpot. This is why players are required to choose the Golden Goal time after predicting the fixture’s total goals.

Rarely, multiple players have identical winning predictions for the fixtures and equally close (or identical) predictions for the Golden Goal. In this case, the winnings will be split between the players equally.

Premier Bet Super6 Jackpot


There are some rules on the Premier Bet Predictions to keep the jackpot fair for everyone.

  • Only one entry per person is allowed. Players cannot spend more money to enter the Premier Bet Super6 multiple times.
  • Players are not allowed to enter multiple times from different accounts either. This rule is built-in into the Terms of Service, where one player may only have one account.
  • If one of the matches in the fixtures is postponed or cancelled, that fixture will be considered invalid. It will not be counted and the Premier Bet jackpot predictions will continue with only 5 fixtures. The prize pool will not change.
  • If a second match is cancelled, then the entire set of predictions is considered null and void. With two cancelled matches, all bets are voided. There is no need to worry about refunds since this entry was completely free.
  • Predictions can only be submitted once. Fortunately, unlike many other predictions or jackpots, they can be changed. As long as the predictions are open, you can change yours.
  • The prediction selection is only open during the weekly betting period. If the first match from the fixtures starts before the week’s end, then the prediction will also be closed.
  • Only players aged 18 and above can participate in the predictions.

If a player breaks any of these rules, then Premier Bet can automatically cancel their prediction and disqualify them. There may also be further consequences.


If you want to check if other players have won the predictions before, visit the “Leaderboard.” The leaderboard is located on the “Predictions” page.

From the “Leaderboard,” you can see the past results. You can also see if there are any predictions or choices that are “Hot” or “Cold.”

How to Play

To participate in the Premier Bet Predictions, players must have a registered account at the sportsbook. If you do not have an account, simply click on the “Register” button at the top right corner of the webpage. Fill up the form with your mobile number, password, and any other details.

Since there is no payment or fee needed for participating in the predictions, it is not necessary to make a deposit. However, you may still be asked for additional details like your name and email address.

After the account has been created, visit the “Super6” page linked at the top of the navigation bar. Click the expected result for each fixture, then place your bet. Next, enter the predicted time of the Golden Goal. Once that is done, your entry is confirmed.

But before making the predictions, you may want to look at some Premier Bet tips.

What are Premier Bet Tips?

Winning the Premier Bet Predictions is not easy. It takes either incredible predictive skills or intense amounts of luck.

However, even if you don’t have either of those on your side, you can have a good shot. Most players betting on the Premier Bet Super6 will have luck similar to yours.

Here are some Premier Bet tips for you. With these, your odds of winning may improve a little.

Pay Attention to the Statistics

Ultimately, sports betting is all about statistics. Some people will tell you that there is a lot of luck and skill involved in it, but that is not always true. If you study the statistics of each team or the players on each team, eventually patterns will emerge.

These patterns aren’t always obvious or readable, but they can still tell you which direction the odds lean towards.

Focus on the Players

Don’t rely exclusively on the statistics. It is also important to keep the human aspect in mind. Each football team is made up of 11 players on the field. Understanding the history and abilities of each player will also help you predict.

For example, consider a match where both teams have star strikers but weaker defenders or goalkeepers. In this case, both teams could score a lot of goals. Keeping possibilities like this in mind is important for some betting markets.

Type of Predictions / Betting Markets

Another important factor to keep in mind is the specific type of predictions in the fixtures. Normally, Premier Bet uses the Correct Score bet.

That means predicting what will be the final total score after combining both teams’ goals: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6+.

However, there may be other bets like 1×2 or Over / Under. For each type of bet, you should approach your predictions differently.

For instance, for 1×2 or Match Winner bets, it would be better to focus on the whole team rather than the strikers, since the exact score does not matter.

Don’t Get too Frustrated if You Lose

Remember that there are thousands of people participating in the predictions. It can be frustrating if you lose but don’t feel too bad. That winner could be you the next time, or the time after that.

So, if your predictions did not work out, just wait until the next week. There will be a new set of matches to research and predict.