Premier Bet Zone Ghana Review

This article walks you through all the features of Premier Bet Zone, a Premier Bet sports betting site with a twist. Continue reading to find out if a website offers a Premier Bet promo code.

About Premier Bet Zone Ghana

You might have heard about Premier Bet. It is one of the most well-known online sportsbooks in Ghana and many other parts of Africa. But you might be unfamiliar with Premier Bet Zone, which is a separate site. The main difference between Premier Bet and Premier Bet Zone is the mode of betting. The Premier Bet Zone blends online and offline betting. This difference can have important implications.

For example, you need an account to place bets online at Premier Bet Ghana. But you can bet using a website without an account. That is because you merely book your bets online. You can confirm them only after you visit a Premier Bet shop and make payment.

So, you can use the Premier Bet Zone Ghana if you want to bet without an account. Or you want to bet offline but would like to save some time by booking your bets in advance. But those are not the only features that Premier Bet Ghana offers. There are many others, such as the ones described below.


You can make a range of in-play or live bets through Premier Bet Zone online. The number of live events you can find at Premier Bet Zone is likely to be the same as the main Premier Bet site. But the only issue is that you should ideally be close to a Premier Bet shop when live betting through the Zone site.

Bet Builder

The Bet Builder feature at Premier Bet Zone lets you combine multiple bets into one single bet slip. This can be a combination of several selections from the same game or selections from multiple games.

So, basically, what you can do with a Bet Builder is to combine all the bets into one giant bet. You can add up to 10 selections in a single bet, which can lead to a bigger payoff if all your bets win. However, there is no cashout feature in this case. So, be mindful of that when using the Bet Builder.

Live Settlement

A sportsbook like Premier Bet Ghana will have first to settle the bets, i.e., pay you the winnings. Then the money becomes available in your account, and then you need to send a withdrawal request. And then, the money becomes available in your real money account.

The whole process takes anywhere from a few hours to a few days. But Premier Bet Zone Ghana offers you immediate access to your money, or what is known as the ‘live settlement’ feature. This means that you can withdraw your money almost as soon as your bet wins.

Betting Market

Premier Bet as a brand is renowned for having one of the largest and most diverse betting markets in Ghana. Since the owner of both sites is the same brand, some of the fundamental features are identical. You will find the same sports, events, bets, odds, etc., on both sites. Therefore, finding your favorite sport, team, or sporting event should not be a challenge at Premier Bet Zone online.

Combi Insurance

The Combi Insurance is one of many features of Premier Bet Zone Ghana. This lets you insure your bets against total loss. Basically, you have to add at least five selections with 1.20 odds or above. And if your bet loses, you get all or part of your stake returned if only one of your selections loses.

Mobile App

Premier Bet Zone Ghana may not be a fully online sportsbook, but it aims to also give you the online experience. Hence, they have a mobile app that makes booking bets, claiming bonuses, etc., easier. The mobile app has all the features and functionalities that you would find on the full or mobile version website. But it is only available for Android at the moment. If you use an iOS device, you may need to wait a while before a Premier Bet Zone app for iOS is released.

Premier Bet Zone Registration Guide

The best thing about Premier Bet Zone Ghana is that you do not need an account or registration. You can simply visit the site or the app and start betting. But you can sign up to receive the latest offers and promotions from the site in your mailbox. Follow the sign-up steps below.

  1. Visit the official website from your mobile or PC browser.
  2. Click on the triple bar on the top-left corner to open the menu.
  3. Click on ‘Promotions’.
    Promotions Button Premier Bet Zone
  4. Select the ‘Sign up to receive our latest promotions’ option.
    Premier Bet Zone Sign Up
  5. Enter the required details and press ‘Subscribe’.
    Premier Bet Zone Subscribe

After you have done all of that, you will receive the latest updates promptly in your email.

Premier Bet Zone App Download Guide

The app is only available for Android users at the moment. And the download process requires you to sideload an APK file into your device. Follow the steps below to download the app.

  1. Visit the Premier Bet Zone site (ideally from your mobile device).
  2. Click on the triple bar to open the menu.
    Premier Bet Zone App Download
  3. Click on the ‘Download Android App’.

That should start downloading the APK file on your device. But that is just half the process. The other half is to install the file. You need to click on the APK file and allow the installation of apps from unknown sources. It is safe coming from a renowned provider like Premier Bet. So, allow it, and that should install the Premier Bet mobile app on your device.

Premier Bet Zone Ghana Review

Some of the main Premier Bet Zone betting site’s features is the cash-out feature. The cash-out ensures that you have the freedom to exit your bets early. Here you can minimise your losses by leaving early. So, this feature gives you more flexibility and freedom over your betting.

The other feature that demands special mention is the ‘Odds less than’ feature. It lets you set parameters, so you can see only those bets that fit your set parameters. This can help you quickly narrow down your list of potential bets and save a lot of time.

Whether you will use the Premier Bet Zone Ghana or not depends on whether you want a completely online experience or a hybrid one. If you want a full online betting experience, then the main Premier Bet Ghana site and other comparable sites may be more suitable. However, if you are looking for a hybrid platform, you can try the Premier Bet Zone in Ghana.

Premier Bet Zone Ghana FAQs

Some of the most frequent questions about using Premier Bet Zone for betting in Ghana have been answered below:

Can I use Premier Bet Zone in Ghana?

You can absolutely use Premier Bet Zone in Ghana, among several other African countries.

How to book a bet at Premier Bet Zone Ghana?

You have to select the event and the bet you want to make at Premier Bet Zone online. You have to specify your stake amount and click ‘Bet in shop’. Then you have to carry the bet code that you have got online to your nearest Premier Bet shop. Then you can pay and confirm your bet.

How to make a deposit at Premier Bet Zone?

The best thing about Premier Bet Zone Ghana is that there is no need to deposit or create an account. Because you are merely booking your bet online. The rest of the process is at a Premier Bet shop, where you can pay using cash, card, or other eligible methods.

How to cash out at Premier Bet Zone?

A cash-out feature is available at Premier Bet Zone that allows you to exit your bets early. You have to enter your ticket code on the site or the Premier Bet Zone app. Then select cash out and go to your nearest Premier Bet shop from where you can collect your money.