Champions League Predictions and Betting Tips for June, 2023

There is no greater football competition in Europe than the Champions League. Therefore, betting fans are always on the lookout for Champions League predictions. Of course, our football predictions experts have made sure to include their top betting tips in this review.

Champions League Predictions Today

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Champions League Correct Score Predictions

One of the possible outcomes bettors can place their bets on is the Champions League correct score predictions.

It is a situation where a player can forecast the final score of a game. In the context of the Champions League, correct score predictions allow a player to predict the final score of a Champions League game.

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Champions League over 2.5 Predictions

Over 2.5 predictions mean that a Champions League game will end with the two sides scoring a total of more than 2.5 goals. It means when you add the goals scored by team A and team B together, you will not have less than this number of goals.

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Champions League Predictions

Champions League BTTS Predictions

BTTS predictions have to do with the prediction that both teams will score in a particular game. BTTS means “both teams to score.” In the Champions League context, when Atletico Madrid faces Manchester United in the round-of-16, a player could place a bet on both teams to score.

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How to Make Champions League Predictions?

It is not easy to make Champions League computer predictions, especially after the group stages. It could be a bit easier in the group stages to predict a team like Manchester City defeating Young Boys due to City’s current level in European football.

This kind of fixture mostly comes in the group stages. Once it gets to the round of 16, it becomes even more challenging to pinpoint who can win over the other. However, below are some of the methods to use to make Champions League computer predictions.

Current Teams

The current teams participating in the competition are one vital factor determining Champions League computer predictions. This is especially important when predicting who will win the competition at the end of the season.

It could become challenging to pinpoint the side that will win the Champions League when giant sides like Chelsea, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Liverpool, Barcelona, Manchester City, and others compete. Predicting the team that will claim the big prize becomes more tasking whenever these big sides have to come up against each other.


The type of fixtures being played is also essential in determining Champions League tips.

For instance, the prediction model for a game between Paris Saint-Germain and Real Madrid will be different from how to predict a match between Sporting Lisbon and Manchester City. This is because the odd becomes tighter when two big clubs face each other, and it becomes otherwise in a game when the outcome will most likely be one-sided.

Therefore, except for rare occasions, Manchester City will always be expected to beat Sporting Lisbon. However, it may be difficult to predict the winner of the game between PSG and Real Madrid.

Overall Situation

It is also critical to understand everything surrounding a team before predicting its Champions League game. For instance, injuries or illnesses to crucial players could affect a team’s performance.

Also, suspensions for important players could shape how a team will set up for a game.

For example, Liverpool is set to play against Bayern Munich and a player like Mohamed Salah is out injured. So, the odds will not be in Liverpool’s favour because of Salah’s absence.

Furthermore, the team playing at home and the side playing away from home have a lot to do with Champions League betting tips. Liverpool could have a slight advantage over Bayern Munich at their home ground.

But it could be a different ball game when they visit the Allianz Arena.


Football is designed in a way where there will always be stronger and weaker teams. The stronger teams are the Champions League favourites for a game, while the weaker ones are always the underdogs.

The favourites are most times expected to win, and a weaker team will rarely beat a stronger one.

For example, in a game where RB Salzburg is set up against Bayern Munich, Bayern Munich will most likely be considered the Champions League favourites, while RB Salzburg is the underdogs.


Statistics is another factor that aids in making Champions League betting tips. It is vital to check the results of the previous games played between the two sides before predicting the outcome.

Also, some players tend to score against specific teams, and it could also be a chance to predict players to score first in the game.

The importance of statistics cannot be overemphasised because most bookmakers subject past events to analysis before coming up with odds for each game.


Standing is an essential factor in the group stages. With four clubs in a group, a side that is last in the group could find it more challenging to beat the one standing first in the group, especially when finishing first is on the line.

Furthermore, in the Round of 16, a team that finished top of its group could have a better advantage over the side that finished second in the group. This factor is not always accurate, but clubs that finished first in the group stage usually have an upper edge over those that finished second.

How to Bet on the Champions League Predictions?

There are different types of bets for Champions League tips. Bookmarkers usually allow players to bet on 1×2, free bets, over/under, first to score, both teams to score, correct score, goalscorers, and others.

1×2 Markets

1×2 markets allow players to back the home or away side to win or the game ends in a draw. It is a three-way ending to a game where the home side is “1,” the away side is “2,” and “x” means a draw.

Free Bets

Bookmarkers make free bets available for players in the form of bonuses. They do not allow players to withdraw money from the free bets.

But if they use it to place a bet and win, players can then withdraw it.


Over/Under is the total number of goals scored in a game, more or less a goal-line set by the bookmarker. In a Champions League game where the bet is set as over 2.5, the punter will win if the total number of goals in the game is three goals and above.

Under 2.5 means that the total number of goals for the game will be two goals or below.

First to Score

“First to score” has to do with predicting which of the two teams will score first.

Both Team to Score

Punters can also bet on both teams to score in a Champions League game.

Correct Score

Bookmarkers also allow punters to bet on the correct scores of the game.


Punters also tend to bet on who the goalscorers for each team will be.

Champions League Predictions and Tips FAQ

Here are the answers to some common questions regarding predictions about the CL.

Who’s the Champions League top scorer?

Cristiano Ronaldo is the current Champions League top scorer.

Which team is likely to win the Champions League?

No advice can ascertain which team will win the Champions League. It is difficult to predict the outcome. Especially when it involves the big giants in European football.

Where to bet on Champions League predictions?

Different betting platforms allow punters to place their bets on Champions League matches. Some include Betway, 1xbet, Premier Bet, and Betboro.

Where to watch the Champions League predictions?

Champions League matches are available on various TV stations and live streaming platforms. In addition, betting platforms like Betway also allow their customers to stream live games and enjoy the betting platform.