AFCON Predictions and Tips 2022

The Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) is the biggest football tournament in Africa. Read on to know more about Africa Cup of Nations betting. On this page, you will find the latest AFCON predictions – especially the AFCON predictions today – and betting tips.

AFCON Predictions for Today

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How Did We Choose Our AFCON Predictions?

Our AFCON predictions are the result of tremendous research and expert analysis. There are many factors that go into making our African Nations Cup predictions. Some of the major ones have been named and described below.

You can read them as AFCON betting tips as well because these are also the factors you need to research before making betting decisions.

AFCON Betting Tips

Past Performance

The past performance of teams and players is absolutely integral to making African Nations Cup predictions. It is obvious that teams and players that have consistently performed well in the past are more likely to do so in the future as well.

Hence, we look at the overall performance of teams and players in the recent AFCON tournaments. And we also look at their performance outside the AFCON tournaments as well. You should do the same.


In addition to the track record of teams/players in AFCON and other football tournaments, we use numerous statistics to make our predictions.

These statistics include head-to-head statistics, goals per 90, venue performance, and so much more. Almost all AFCON tips involve the use of statistics in one form or another.


The next season of the AFCON is scheduled to take place in Ivory Coast. And as you may already know, the venue plays a huge role in many sports, including, of course, football.

For instance, Ivory Coast is likely to get significant home advantage in the season. But the performance of other teams can also hinge on the venue.

Some teams/players may have historically performed better in Ivory Coast than others. Likewise, some teams/players may have been better in the past on away soil than others.

These are aspects that you must look into before making bets. This is one of the best tips and one that you must religiously follow.


Since the qualifiers for the next AFCON tournament are yet to conclude, the qualifiers predictions need to be considered too.
The AFCON qualifiers predictions will determine the teams most likely to compete in the main AFCON tournament. Hence, following the predictions for the qualifying stages is one of the best African Nations Cup tips that you can follow.


Get quick answers to common queries about AFCON tips and predictions in the section below.

Who will win the Africa Cup of Nations in 2023?

None of the African Nations Cup tips is perfect. Thus, it is impossible to say which team will win the AFCON 2023. However, teams like Morocco, South Africa, and a few others are favourites to win the title. 

Who won the last Africa Cup of Nations?

The last Africa Cup of Nations was the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations. Senegal emerged as the first-time champion of the tournament during the season. They will be one of the strong contenders walking into the next tournament as well. 

How much is the Africa Cup of Nations trophy worth?

The ultimate winners of the Africa Cup of Nations get prize money worth $5 million. But that is not all. Teams that manage to make it to the quarter-finals are all given attractive prizes. 

Can Ghana qualify for the Africa Cup of nations?

Yes, Ghana can absolutely qualify for the Africa Cup of Nations. In fact, it is extremely likely to do so. But it has to go through the qualifiers stage.