How to Bet on Africa Cup of Nations 2023/2024?

The Africa Cup of Nations betting scene is possibly the most exciting bit of sports betting in Ghana. If you want to dive into AFCON betting, we will explain everything about it and guide you through it!

Best Betting Sites for Africa Cup of Nations

Soon, AFCON 2023/2024 will be among the most-watched international sporting events. As such, many bettors across the African continent and beyond will be anticipating this event.

You’ll need to register on the best betting sites to take advantage of the betting opportunities online. Most of the leading bookies will have betting options on AFCON qualifiers, and you can watch out for the AFCON fixtures before making your predictions.

Here are some of the best sites to sign up with for AFCON 2023/2024.


This 1xbet platform is dedicated to providing its users with an exceptional betting experience. It is widely considered to be among the finest online gambling establishments in the country.

1xBet is one of the best sites for the AFCON games. Their site has all the enticing features, discounts, and special offers for these kinds of large sporting events.

Also, bettors will have access to live betting options for the AFCON games on 1xBet. Sports enthusiasts from all over the world may gamble on events as they happen with the live-streaming feature.

In addition, the bookie will be streaming these matches live, and you would want to take advantage of this. You can catch the action in real-time when you place bets on 1xBet.


Over the years, BetWinner has established itself as a leading provider of online sports betting, winning the hearts of registered punters. The bookie offers a wide variety of sports and top leagues.

This is one reason that makes them a great choice for AFCON betting. Also, apart from being among the best betting sites, BetWinner offers a wide range of promotions.

Players should look forward to special offers during the AFCON games on this betting site. In addition, BetWinner will be streaming the AFCON games live, so you can follow the events in real-time while placing your bets.

If you need to place a wager while on the go, you can use the site’s mobile app or website, both of which are well-rated. In addition, BetWinner has many betting options like its cash-out feature.


22Bet is a leading online betting site. They offer fantastic AFCON betting odds on live bets and you’ll find a great deal of markets for AFCON games.

Also, the bookie offers a mobile app for Android and iOS which allows you to place bets on the go. When compared to other gambling sites, 22bet offers the most variety of betting options.

They also have excellent customer support that is available 24/7. You can conveniently make payments thanks to the wide variety of banking choices on the betting site.

An added benefit of joining 22Bet is that you can also take advantage of their welcome bonus after registering on the site.

How to Bet on AFCON?

There are lots of different betting markets for Africa Cup of Nations betting.

Most of the typical football betting markets you have seen before should be available here. There’s no need to learn and study whole new markets just for this event

A few of the ways to bet on AFCON are:


1×2 is the most basic wager there is in sports betting. 1 and 2 refer to the home and away teams respectively, while ‘x’ represents a draw.

The punter bets on which of the two teams will win. In an elimination match, the ‘x’ is simply removed. It becomes a 2-way bet between either team.

Top Scorer

The top scorer is simply the player who lands the most goals. Scoring a goal in Football is a big deal since matches can end with only a single goal.

So, it’s quite challenging for a player to become the top scorer in a match or the overall tournament.

This bet is quite hard to predict since there are a dozen players in each team, both strikers and midfielders, who could potentially score the goals.

Over / Under

In Over / Under bets, we consider the total number of goals in the match. For example, let’s take the bet: “Over / Under 3.5”.

This indicates players have two possibilities to wager on.

The first is that the total number of goals is 4 or more (over 3.5). The second is that the number is 3 or less. This bet is a little easier and a good option for beginners!

Half-Time / Full-Time

Another popular bet is Half-Time / Full-Time. Depending on the goals scored the outcome of the match could vary at different times.

This wager is all about predicting who leads at halftime and who actually wins full-time.

For example, during a Ghana vs Nigeria match, Nigeria could score the first goal at 40:00 and lead during halftime.

In the second half, Ghana could score two goals and won the Full Time match. To win this particular bet, you would have to wager ‘Nigeria / Ghana’.

Another thing to note is that Half-Time / Full-Time only counts as 45 minutes and 90 minutes respectively, plus injury time. In case of an elimination match that goes on past 90 minutes, the extra time or penalty shootouts don’t count.

Correct Score

One of the trickiest bets to wager on. In Correct Score, bettors must predict the exact score of each team or of the whole match.

Options might be 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4+ for each team. For the total score, it could go from 0, 1, 2 to 6 and 7+

It takes a lot of research and luck to guess the correct score properly. Check out the betting tips given below to improve your chances of winning it.

Betting on AFCON 2022

What are AFCON Betting Tips?

For both beginner and veteran punters, Africa Cup of Nations betting is a tough arena. It’s the most hyped event in the region, so there are surely millions competing against your bet.

The stakes are higher than ever before. All the sportsbooks are paying close attention to wagering. Always assume that they will try to leverage the odds in their favour as much as possible.

So, how can you win? One way is by taking advantage of these betting tips we are about to tell you.

Research the Statistics

Statistics are at the core of all sports betting. It is not possible for either punters or bookies to understand the exact thoughts of each player.

It’s also impossible for us to know exactly how fast a player can run or how far they can kick.

Therefore, we have to look at statistics. From there, for example, we can see which players are good runners and which players are great strikers.

Combine them in a team, and we can also see information about how teams perform. Factors like How well they play compared to other teams, how many goals they tend to make, etc. also contribute.

Knowing these statistics will help you make informed predictions. You can look at the statistics and see how teams stack up and perform, and wager based on that information.

Keep An Eye on Player and Team Synergies

Each team has a strategy going into a match. Each player must synergize with that strategy. To understand each team’s tactics and strategy, you should watch their recent games and observe them closely.

Doing so will reward you with a lot of valuable insight. For example, one team might play aggressively early on but fall off later in the game.

This information is quite valuable when betting on half-time / full-time games.

This strategy is particularly helpful in live betting. With enough experience, a punter can understand the flow of a match.

They can tell when one team is faltering or when a goal is likely, and place wagers accordingly just before it happens.

Don’t Fall for the Hype

This is one of the most important Africa Cup of Nations betting tips. Every tournament, it seems like there’s one team with an incredible amount of hype behind them.

Sometimes, that hype is justified. But most of the time, it isn’t. There’s a good chance that the hyped team just got lucky.

As soon as that team’s luck runs out, everyone who wagered on them will lose a lot of money.

That’s why instead of following the hype, it is better to rely on the statistics. Flukes and accidental strokes of luck are more obvious.

Punters from Ghana may be tempted to stay loyal and wager on Ghana’s team. There’s nothing wrong with staying loyal to your favourites.

But we suggest wagering big only if you are extremely confident of your prediction.

Take Advantage of Bonuses and Use Multiple Sportsbooks

Almost every sportsbook offers several different types of free bets and bonuses. Using these free bet bonuses will give you an advantage when it comes to wagering.

You might not get a higher chance of winning, but you will get more chances.

With free bets, Ghana punters can spend longer betting on AFCON. With bonus cash, they have a bigger budget to work with.

The bonuses help more than hinder, so take advantage of them whenever you can. Bonuses like free bets, extra cash and cashback are all very helpful.

It is worth signing up at several sportsbooks at the same time and spreading out your bets. You will also be able to cherry-pick the sportsbook that offers the best odds for a particular match.

Keep a Cool Head

The final advice in our betting tips is to keep a cool head. It can be really frustrating to lose a bet. However, behaving rashly or placing angry bets just leads to even more losses.

If you lose a prediction, take a step back and reassess everything. You could even take the lost wager into account for making future wagers.

Keeping a cool head is particularly important for in-play or live streaming.

AFCON Betting Offers

Africa Cup of Nations Stats

Since the start of the Africa Cup of Nations in 1957, 14 different nations have won the trophy.

When betting on AFCON, be sure to take this information into account. Here are some of the winners of past AFCON tournaments and their winning stats.


Historically, Egypt is the strongest nation in the AFCON. They have a total of 7 championships, including three wins in a row from 2006 to 2010. Since then, they have yet to win any more championships.


Cameroon is similar to Egypt. They have 5 championships, but most of them were decades ago. Cameroon were the Champions and Egypt was the Runner-Up in AFCON 2017.


What about Ghana? In the 2015 AFCON, Ivory Coast were the Champion and Ghana the Runner-Up. Our Ghanaian readers will be glad to know that in terms of history, Ghana is in third place with 4 championship titles.

If you consider points earned, Ghana is in second place with a single point behind. Additionally, for the last 13 years, Ghana has ranked in the final four almost every single time.

Since 2008, Ghana has earned three 4th places, one 3rd place and two 2nd place prizes.


What about the most recent winners? In the 2019 AFCON, Algeria was the Champion and Senegal the Runner-Up.

Who Are The Favourites To Win?

Currently, the strongest contenders for the Championship are Algeria, Nigeria and Ghana. All of them have performed consistently at the top levels of the competition.

Additionally, Tunisia and Morocco are very strong teams that may have a good shot. Their performance in the qualifiers has been stellar.

These five teams have the highest chance of winning. If you are going to place any Outrights in AFCON betting, any of them would be a good shot.

Africa Cup of Nations Top Scorers

A lot of AFCON betting relies on goals. It’s a good idea to consider the top scorers in the tournament as well! Even if their overall team is weak, these players can single-handedly turn the match.

Keep these players in mind when making your AFCON predictions, alongside our Africa Cup of Nations betting tips.

The top scorers so far that bettors should keep an eye on are:

Victor Osimhen

The top scorer in the AFCON is Victor Osimhen of Nigeria, with five goals in the qualifiers.

Nigeria came third place at the AFCON 2021 games hosted in Egypt. Osimhen also plays for the top Italian league Napoli.

Sadio Mane

While Senegalese Forward Sadio Mane also had five goals, Senegal won the AFCON 2021 title and was the runner-up in the 2019 edition.

African Cup Of Nations Scorers

AFCON 2023/2024 Schedule

If you want to know the schedule for the AFCON 2023/2024 games, you can find them below.

Betting on Africa Cup of Nations FAQs

The Africa Cup of Nations is the biggest tournament in African football. It takes place every other year and involves the best national teams in Africa. It first started in 1957, so it has plenty of history behind it.

Until the AFCON 2019, the tournament had only 16 teams. In the previous tournament and the upcoming AFCON 2022, the total number of teams has been increased to 24.

The 2022 Africa Cup of Nations will take place in Cameroon. It was originally scheduled to take place in January 2021. The qualifiers were also originally scheduled in March and June 2020.

However, they were postponed due to the pandemic. The Qualifiers were finally completed in June 2021. The 2021 Africa Cup of Nations was then rescheduled to 2022, hence the name change.

The tournament will start on 9th January. The group stages will be played from 9th January to 20th January. After a short break, the Round of 16 will begin on the 23rd of January and end on the 26th.

The quarter-finals will be on the 29th and 30th of January, followed by the semifinals on the 2nd and 3rd of February. The finals will conclude on 6th February.

24 teams qualified for the AFCON 2021. They are Cameroon (hosts), Mali, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Malawi, Ghana, Sudan, Morocco, Mauritania, Cape Verde, Egypt, Algeria, Zimbabwe, Senegal, Guinea-Bissau, Tunisia, Equatorial Guinea, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Gambia and Comoros.

The last two, Gambia and Comoros, have qualified for the first time.

1xBet, Betway and Betika are all known for offering great odds for Africa Cup of Nations betting. They will each have slightly different odds, so you cannot find the best odds at one site.

We recommend spreading out the bets over several different sites and then selecting the best odds on a per-match basis. Take free bets and other bonuses into consideration as well when choosing a site.

Yes. Ghana has been one of the top teams in the African Cup of Nations for decades. They won the championship in 1963, 1965, 1978 and 1982. While those victories are very old, they are still a top contender.

They reached the semi-finals six times in the last 7 AFCONs.