World Cup 2026 Top Scorer

This article will cover some of the World Cup 2026 top scorers that could participate in the next tournament. Also, we will look at players named the World Cup top scorer of all time and who became an important part of football history.

World Cup 2026 Top Scorer Predictions

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Even though the tournament is still far off, we still have some thoughts and insight about who might be the top scorer of the tournament.

Harry Kane9.0
Christiano Ronaldo15.0
Kylian Mbappe9.0
Romelu Lukaku17.0

What is World Cup Top Scorer Betting?

World Cup Top Scorer betting means guessing who is going to score the most goals in the international competition. Given that the best national teams in the world compete in this event, guessing who the World cup top scorer is going to be is quite challenging.

World Cup Top Scorer Betting

That’s why placing such a bet is so appealing. It is extremely difficult to guess, so the rewards are big. Different brands put high odds to reward those who are brave enough to place such a bet.

If you look at the list of the World Cup Top Scorers of all time, you’ll quickly see there are quite a few surprises possible. The fact that someone is the best in the local league does not mean that they will perform equally well in the World Cup.

Therefore, before you place the final bet, consider how good the team is.

Top 5 Favorite Goal Scorers for 2026

32 teams will clash in a series of games during the competition. The best will come on top and head to the finals before winning the cup. Given how many teams are present, picking the World Cup top scorer is challenging.

Still, there are players performing exceptionally well at the moment and the following are favourites.

Harry Kane

England’s captain, Harry Kane, has always been prolific when playing in the Three Lions shirt. He is currently England’s all-time best scorer and will certainly be among the most feared goal threats in 2026.

Kane scored only two in the 2022 competition but has eight to his name overall. We can expect him to add a few more goals by the time the tournament finishes.


Neymar is Brazil’s top goalscorer and has surpassed legendary Pele in that position. He is one of the deadliest finishers in football and was able to score eight goals in total at the previous tournaments.

In 2022 he only scored two as Brazil failed to capture the title. But he will be among the top stickers in 2026 and should be able to improve his overall scoring tally.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo has played and scored in five tournaments so far. If he is fit enough and decides to play in 2026, he will set another record in terms of goals scored at various tournaments.

He only scored once in 2022 but has bagged eight in total if we count all the previous tournaments. He is, without a doubt, going to be a top goal threat for many goalkeepers in the competition.

Kylian Mbappe

The youngest player on this list and the one with the most potential to capture the Golden Boot in 2026. Mbappe scored eight in 2022, earning him the title of the best scorer of the tournament, which brought his overall goal tally to 12 overall.

He is most likely going to try and beat Miroslav Klose’s record of 16 goals, and he has a viable chance to do so already in 2026.

Romelu Lukaku

The Belgium team struggled at the 2022 tournament and completely underperformed. As a consequence, their best scorer, Romelu Lukaku, never got going.

He did struggle with an injury that prevented him from bagging at least one goal. In total, he has scored five so far in the same competition and should add more once the 2026 tournament comes.

Jordan Pierre Ayew

The younger of the Ayew brothers, Jordan Ayew, is Ghana’s third all-time scorer. Being that he is more likely to play in 2026, we are certain that he will be the one to lead the Black Stars to yet another world competition.

If Ghana manages to qualify, expect Jordan Ayew to lead the attack and perhaps even carry the nation’s armband as they continue to reprise the success from 2010.

List of WC Goal Scorers of All Times

Here is a full list of the top goal scorers of the World Cup competition.

Player Country Goals
Miroslav KloseGermany16
Gerd MullerGermany14
Just FontaineFrance13
Lionel MessiArgentina13
Kylian MbappeFrance12
Sandor KocsisHungary11
Jurgen KlinsmannGermany11
Gabriel BatistutaArgentina10

What Are the Best Bookmakers for World Cup Top Scorer Betting?

The big popularity of the World Cup Top Scorer betting is why bookmakers eagerly offer it in their betting markets. Those betting in Ghana have a wide selection of brands at their disposal.

Here are some of the best options to consider.


Betway is a giant in the sports betting industry. The brand offers a huge selection of betting markets in numerous countries.

Even if you are still not a member, you’ve likely seen it as a sponsor of various sports teams in popular competitions.

Over the years, it has become one of the platforms with an outstanding reputation. That makes it the perfect place for placing for betting on the World Cup.

Betway World Cup Bookmaker


Another giant in the sports betting industry, 1xBet started its journey back in 2007. They’ve used the years to gather experience and offer extremely competitive odds in the market today.

One of the reasons why the brand is so popular lies in its sponsorship deals with Chelsea FC and Liverpool FC.

The platform features competitive odds, interesting tournaments, and bonuses for new users. Like many other bookmakers, this one also has interesting odds for World Cup top scorer betting.

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Betboro is another platform where players from Ghana can enjoy great odds on a wide range of events.

The brand features a website with a great design that works smoothly on mobile devices. It is another platform that is perfect for World Cup betting.

The website offers competitive odds for World Cup and for other sports events too.

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BetWinner is another world-renown brand that offers great odds and a huge selection of sports markets.

It is good to see that the brand is present in the Ghanaian market. Passionate football fans can place their World Cup Top scorer bets with great odds.

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World Cup Top Scorer FAQs

If you have any more questions about the 2026 World Cup top scorer, take a look at our FAQ section below.

Who is the World Cup top scorer of all time?

Miroslav Klose from team Germany holds the record for being the highest World Cup top scorer of all time. The list also includes the likes of Ronaldo, Gerd Muller, and Gary Lineker.

Who is the World Cup 2022 top scorer?

The Wold Cup 2022 top scorer was Kylian Mbappe, who scored eight goals to grab the Golden Boot award at the tournament.

How many goals did Ronaldo score in the World Cup?

Cristiano Ronaldo scored four goals during the World Cup in 2018. There is a high chance that he can do better in 2026.

How to bet on World Cup top scorers?

Evaluate the recent performance of your favourite player in the past couple of months. Then, head over to the brand with the best World Cup Top Scorer odds and register to place the bet. That’s it, wait for the finish of the World Cup and hope for the best.