Anytime Goalscorer Meaning in Betting | Guide for Ghanaian Bettors

In case you are wondering about the anytime goalscorer meaning, this in-depth review of this particular betting system has you covered. So, why not learn more about anytime goalscorer rules?

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Anytime Goalscorer Meaning

The meaning of anytime goalscorer betting refers to betting on a certain team member to win a goal in a specific game. It doesn’t matter when the player scores, as long as it’s within the 90 minutes mark.

If the goal is not scored in the regular time, the bet won’t go through. Some bookmakers may change anytime goalscorer rules and allow the goal to be secured in the extra time, but in most cases, it is during the game’s regular time that counts.

All bookies have their betting terms. Some don’t allow bets on certain players unless they are present. It is crucial to check with your betting site what kind of rules they have on anytime goalscorer betting, and always stay informed when placing a wager.

Anytime Goalscorer

How Do Anytime Goalscorer Odds Work?

The chances of scoring are high, meaning anytime goalscorer odds are low. The strikers have the lowest odds because the possibility of them scoring is high. Midfield players have higher odds, so betting on them is not a bad idea.

Picking a Good Anytime Goal Scorer Bet

Anytime goalscorer rules are simple with the right knowledge and methods:

  • Pick the player who scored in the last few games. If a certain player has scored in the last two or three games, the chances are that player is going to score again. It is likely that they will score again. However, be aware, because if the player has goals in more than three games in a row, the odds for that player will certainly be lower.
  • Look out for the most consistent player. The player who strikes the most goals overall is one of the most common picks when betting on an anytime goalscorer. This is especially a good idea when the team is playing against someone with a lack of defence. The chances are the best team hitter will score.
  • Watch out for the corners. If there is one consistent person who always takes corners, betting on them has a high chance of success.

How to Improve Your Betting?

Anytime goalscorers are not as easy to predict as other types of bets. Here are some helpful tips on how to improve your betting.

  • Analyse the stats. By analysing the team’s past matches, players, and their current ability, you can figure out if the team is going to get a goal or not. Anytime goalscorer predictions can help you a lot when finding out all this information, so make sure you use them.
  • Consider using different bonus promotions. Sportbooks provide new customers with various kinds of bonus offers. You can claim these promotions and use the free bets to wager on different betting markets.
  • Pick the right operator. Apart from learning about the meaning of anytime goalscorer, you’ll need to find a good sportsbook operator that offers good customer support and great payment options is already a half-done deal.

What Are Anytime Goalscorer Examples?

After learning about anytime goalscorer meaning, take a look at some practical examples. In a game between Manchester United and Liverpool, the odds might look like this.

Manchester United to Win3.00
Liverpool to Win2.00

If you wager 100 GSH on a Manchester United wins, you’d lose your money if the game ends in a Liverpool win or a draw. By betting on anytime goalscorer on Manchester United, you would get your 100 GSH stake back if the game ended in a tie.

Here is another anytime goalscorer example. Chelsea is playing Juventus in a Champions League tie. The odds for the game look something like this:

Chelsea to Win1.50
Juventus to Win4.00

While the odds on Juventus to win are tempting, it’s a highly risky bet. If you wager your money on anytime goalscorer on Juventus, the odds might be lower, but the bet is safer.

If the game were to end in a draw, you would still get your 100 GSH wager back if it’s a draw.

Anytime Goalscorer Betting Review

When betting on a single player, there are several advantages. Because your bet is only affected by one person, you don’t have to worry about other players.

Also, the time does not matter because the goal can be scored at any time. You also don’t have to focus on the game or other players.

When betting on a single player to win a goal, each player has different odds, which can change the outcome of your wager. Furthermore, some casinos will not let you gamble on another player if your preferred player is not playing.

Focus is on the one playerNot the same odds for every player
Your only worry is one goalSome sportsbooks don’t allow to bet on certain players
Simple use
The wager is valid the whole game