Double Chance Meaning in Betting | Guide for Ghanaian Bettors

This article will explain double chance meaning as one of the sports betting terms you should know.

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Double Chance Meaning in Betting

The double chance market is popular amongst Ghanaian bettors, and most bookmakers offer this betting option. So, what is the meaning of double chance in betting?

A bet on two of three possible outcomes of a sporting event is a double chance bet. In betting, the double chance is a derivation of the main 1X2 outcomes. For instance, a double chance prediction on the game between Manchester City and Newcastle.

When you double chance Manchester city, you expect them to win or draw the game. If Newcastle wins the contest, then you lose your bet. On betting sites, 1X, X2, and 12 represent the double chance market. The odds are generally smaller.

Double Chance Meaning In Betting

1X Double Chance Market

If you want to wager on 1X, it means you will be predicting the first or home team to win or draw a game. For instance, if Barcelona is playing at home against Real Madrid, you can wager on the 1X double chance market to back Barcelona will win or draw the game.

Therefore, you will win your bet if Barcelona eventually win or draw that game. However, if Barcelona lose the game, you will also lose your bet.

X2 Double Chance Market

The second type of double chance market is the 1X2 market. Here, you will bet on the second or away side to win or draw the game. Let’s use the Barcelona vs Real Madrid example above.

Wagering on the X2 double chance market would mean you are backing Real Madrid to win or draw the game. So for your bet to win, Real Madrid must not lose the game. If they lose, you will end up losing your bet.

12 Double Chance Market

This is the third type of the double chance market. For this, you will wager on either the home/first team or away/second team to win the game. So if you are wagering on a Barcelona vs Real Madrid game, you will bet on either of the two sides to win the game.

It means the game cannot end in a draw. Once the game ends in a draw, you will lose the bet. Even though the double chance betting market is one of the safest bets, it is essential to know that it doesn’t guarantee a 100% win. No betting option does.

What Are Double Chance Bet Examples?

Let’s take a look at a few examples to help us understand double chance betting.

A Game Between Arsenal FC and Tottenham Hotspur

If Arsenal are playing Spurs, the 1X2 odds might look something like this:

  • Arenal to Win 2.00
  • The Draw 3.00
  • Spurs to Win 4.00

Arsenal to win is 2.00 odds, and they represent the home team. On the other hand, Tottenham Hotspur is priced to win at 4.00 odds and represent the away side. Meanwhile, a draw between both teams is at 3 odds.

Here, the bookmaker gives Arsenal a smaller odds than Spurs odds. This signifies that Arsenal is the favourite team while Tottenham is the underdog. But in football, anything can happen, which may lead to the favourite team not winning, so to be on the safer side, you can place a double chance bet on this game.

You could bet on Arsenal win or draw, which is 1X on betting sites. If Arsenal wins the game or ends in a draw, you win your bet. A win from Tottenham Hotspur renders your bet a loss in this case.

Another Example is a Match Between Barcelona and Celta Vigo

  • Barcelona to Win 1.50
  • The Draw 2.50
  • Celta Vigo to Win 5.00

Barcelona are priced at 1.50 odds to win the encounter, and they represent the home team. Celta Vigo is 5.00 odds to win the tie and represents the away side. The bookmaker sets a draw between both teams at 2.50 odds.

Placing a double chance bet on a Celta Vigo win or a draw (X2) will earn you some returns if Barcelona doesn’t win the game.

A Match Between Lazio and Juventus

  • Lazio to Win 2.50
  • The Draw 1.80
  • Juventus to Win 2.00

Let’s also look at an example of the 12 double chance bet. Here, the game must not end in a draw. Here, Lazio is at 2.50 odds to win and Juventus at 2.00 odds. The bookmaker then sets the odds for a draw at 1.80 odds. You can decide to place a 12 double chance bet for a tough fixture because any one of the two teams could win.

The 12 double chance bet means that the game is successful whether Juventus wins or Lazio wins. Conversely, a draw between both sides renders the bet a loss.

Double Chance Betting Review

The double chance bet gives bettors a chance to explore more betting options on a game. This type of bet offers two of three outcomes to bettors, giving them a big advantage. But at the same time, this betting type has its disadvantages.

What are the pros and cons of double chance betting?

A double chance bet affords you more betting options as it provides a possible two out of three outcomes.The odds for a double chance bet are usually low.
It is a risk-minimising type of bet that is ideal for betting on underdogs.It isn’t an ideal option when rooting for a favourite team.
Most sports betting sites support this type of bet.
The double chance bet could be more realistic.

Double Chance Meaning FAQ

After reading this guide, you must now understand the meaning of double chance in betting. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about double chance.

A double chance for both teams means you’re backing either the home or away team to win. It indicates the 12 double chance market. If the game ends in a draw, you will lose your double chance bet for both teams.

The double chance bet, and the over 1.5 are different. The over 1.5 bet is all about goals, i.e., you need a total of two goals for this type of bet to be successful. However, a double chance bet doesn’t necessarily need goals to work.
For example, a game can end in a goalless draw, and your double chance bet still comes through. However, some betting sites offer a double chance and over 1.5 meaning bet together. For instance, 1X + Over 1.5 means the home team wins or draws, plus the total goals in the game must be more than 1 goal.

Double chance doesn’t include extra time. Therefore, we must know the outcome of the game after regular time.

A Double chance on Betway implies that you have to predict the result of an event. The outcome can come in three ways: A win or draw for Team 1, a draw or win for Team 2, or a win for either of the two sides.