Draw No Bet Meaning in Betting | Guide for Ghanaian Bettors

One of the betting terms in use today is the draw no bet. In this review, we will be looking at the draw no bet meaning and provide useful examples.

Draw No Bet Meaning in Betting

Usually, in sports betting, punters will go for any of the three-way markets, where they have to pick a home win, a draw, or an away win. This is a high risk bet since if you’re meant to correctly predict a winner.

However, if the game ends in a tie or a loss, you will lose your money. When you choose the draw no bet option, you’re taking a calculated risk and limiting your potential losses. That’s why you should know the DNB meaning in betting, so you can use it to your advantage.

One of the basic premises of this wager is to exclude the “draw” possibility from the three-way market. After that, you can choose between betting on a home or away win, and if the game is a tie, you’ll get your money back with no more losses. As a result, if your team loses, you will lose the money you put into the wager.

The draw-no-bet technique is used by more experienced gamblers to not only decrease the risk of a wager but also to make informed decisions depending on the match itself. Of course, there’s still a possibility of losing your bet. In a conventional three-market bet, betting on the winner of the game is very risky.

It’s a good idea to place a draw no bet meaning that you can bet on the team likely to win, even if you think the match will conclude in a draw. When it comes to limiting losses and reducing risk as a punter, the draw-no-bet approach is the best option.

We have explained all there is to know about the meaning of draw no bet in betting, next we will look at some of the reasons punters choose this betting option.

Draw No Bet Meaning In Betting

Reasons Punters Use Draw No Bet Betting Method

The draw no bet market is a popular choice for gamblers of all skill levels and here’s why.

  • Protecting your stake

To be on the safe side, punters choose draw no bet as a safe betting option. If your bet loses and there’s a draw, you’ll get your original stake back. As a result, you have nothing to lose if the game ends up drawing.

  • To support the defence

Most professional punters believe it’s a smart idea to place your draw no bet wager on the defence teams because they are facing the home team who are more likely to win.

However, when the team you support fails to win, you lose your bet. Matches that end in a tie won’t lead to a loss instead you get your original stake returned to you.

  • For accumulator bets

Accumulator bets (ACCA) are very common but also risky. There is no loss in an acca bet if one of the games is a draw; the wager is still valid.

Sports Where You Can Use Draw No Bet Option

Now that you understand the draw no bet meaning, you probably want to know where you can place a draw no bet. You should know that not all games result in a draw, so this betting market is not available in all sports. Here are the sporting events that allow you to place a “Draw No Bet” wager.

  • Football
  • Australian football
  • Cricket
  • Horse Racing
  • Motor Racing
  • Chess
  • Boxing

Draw no bets can only be placed on a limited number of sports, and not all bookmakers provide this betting market. This bet type, on the other hand, is quite popular in the bookies in South Africa. Football is the most popular sport for these types of wagers among other sporting events.

Tips On Placing A Draw No Bet Wager

Beginners should also aim to profit from their bets. In this guide, we have provided some helpful tips on how to place a draw no bet wager.

  • Avoid favourites

Bet on teams that aren’t your favourites, but who have the edge on paper. Some favourites may have a good match record, so it’s not unreasonable to bet on them.

  • Bet on live matches

Use the Draw no bet on live matches. Due to the fact that you can follow the match to understand the possible outcome, it’s easier to correctly predict.

  • Get expert advice

In the event that you’re confused about a draw no bet wager, you should reach out to betting professionals. For those who are new to gambling, seeking out betting guidance from experts is a wise decision. You can get draw no bet predictions from experts.

  • Avoid common mistakes

One of the common mistakes punters make is using the draw no bet, when they know the game would end in a draw. If you predict the game will end in a draw, do not place a draw no bet wager. Your best bet will be a double chance bet which is always a better option than the draw no bet markets.

  • Choose the winning team

Place your bets on draw no bet in the same way you would on a three-way match. The only way to back a team to win is if you would also back them in a 3-way market.

What Are Some Draw No Bet Examples?

Now that you know the draw no bet meaning, it might help to provide some examples of how they might look.

In a game between Manchester United and Liverpool the odds might look like this:

  • Manchester United to Win 2.00
  • The Draw 2,50
  • Liverpool to Win 3.00

If you bet 10 GSH on Manchester United to win you would lose your money if the game ended in anything but a home win. But with a draw no bet wager on Manchester United to win you would receive your 10 GSH stake back if it finished in a draw.

Here is another draw no bet example. Chelsea are playing Juventus in a Champions League tie. The odds for the game might look something like this.

  • Chelsea to Win 1.50
  • The Draw 2.50
  • Juventus to Win 4.00

You might like the look of the price for an away win. But if you minimise the risk a little by taking the draw no bet option – with slightly reduced odds – you could bet on Juventus and still receive your 10 GSH stake back if the game ended in a draw.


Now that you know the meaning of draw no bet in betting, you can start using this betting option. When using the draw no bet betting option, punters may place a bet without having to worry about the outcome of a draw.

This is one of the major challenges of going for the three-way bet. If you pick a team to win, a draw coming in makes you lose everything.

By placing a wager on a draw no bet, you not only lower your risk of losing, but also safeguard your initial wager amount. So, you’re protected against any surprising outcome of the match.

Protects your stake from drawThe odds are very low
You’re protected from losses
It’s low risk and safe bet


Find the answers to some frequent questions below.

What is home draw no bet?

A type of DNB is the home draw no bet meaning that you can bet on the home team to win the match but if it ends in a draw, you get a refund.

What is away draw no bet?

The home draw no bet meaning option is different from the away draw no bet. Here you can place a draw no bet wager that the away team will win the match with the exception of a draw. If the away team loses the match, your bet fails but if it ends in a draw, you get a refund.

What is draw no bet accumulator?

If one of your teams fails to win, the draw no bet option in your accumulator is to protect your bet. The odds of each event are multiplied in DNB accumulations. So, you’ll have better odds and a bigger bankroll to play with. In other words, if you place a single wager on a DNB option, the odds of winning are going to be lower.

Does draw no bet include extra time?

No, extra time is not included in Draw No Bet. 

Can you parlay draw no bet?

These bets can be added to a parley in the same way as ordinary bets on the match results, but they have a somewhat better probability of success.

What is the meaning of draw no bet in Sportybet?

DNB meaning in betting on Sportybet, is that you can bet on the outcome of the game at the end of normal playtime. After regular time, if the match ends in a draw, Sportybet will refund your stake.