Live Betting | Ultimate Guide for Ghanaian Users

If you’ve checked out the sports betting industry in the last couple of years or so, there’s no reason for you to not know about live betting. It’s the latest trend in the paradigm and it’s only going to grow in Ghana as well as in the rest of the world.

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Live Betting Today – Football

What is Live Betting?

Live bets are exactly what it sounds like. You bet on live events! Now, it might not seem too complicated if you think in the current context, but it’s a remarkable jump in the betting timeline.

Before live bets were a thing, punters in Ghana or anywhere else in the world could only place bets as long as the bookmakers accepted it. The bets were usually closed a few hours before the match was supposed to start.

Those are called pre-match bets. They usually have longer odds but you can’t change it once it’s confirmed on your bet slip. So, if you see your prediction going down the drain as the match progresses, you can’t do anything about it but accept your fate.

Our live betting explained guide axes down on this problem with everything it has got. It allows you to bet even when the match is “live”, justifying the distinction from pre-match bets. Live betting is also known as in-play betting on many live betting sites. So, don’t be confused when you see it.

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Live Betting

Live Betting Review

Well, by review, we’re simply trying to evaluate the positives and negatives of the action. Let’s go over different aspects of the paradigm and see whether it’s suitable for you or not.

The Odds Change Fast

The biggest difference between live bets and pre-match bets is the change in odds. Odds project the likelihood of the market you’re betting on as well as the amount you can win from the bet. With pre-match bets, your odds are locked at whatever you have on your bet slip.

But with live betting explained by us, you can bet on the changing odds. So, even if the match doesn’t go according to your plan, you can recoup the losses by placing new bets.

Another benefit is the potential mistakes in the odds calculation. For the most part, odds are supposed to be accurate because the bookmakers in Ghana have amazing resources and professionals to take care of the calculations.

It’s easier for them to maintain accuracy when they have enough time in hand, for the pre-match bets, of course. When it comes to in-play betting, the likelihood projections change so rapidly that sportsbooks often fail to update the odds. That’s what you can target to make a quick buck.


Apart from the benefits of recouping the losses, the excitement level for live bets is phenomenal. Can you imagine the thrill of instantly adding selections to the bet slip following the match? Every time something exciting happens, you get a chance to win a new bet!

Moreover, the number of markets is far greater in live bets when compared to traditional betting. Most bookmakers in Ghana dissect a match into different sections and offer markets accordingly. The odds in these cases will be shorter, but they’re extremely enjoyable nonetheless.


For the most part, you need to wait for the match to end for the bets to settle. If you’re wagering in the long term, on a tournament, for example, you need to wait till the end of the tournament to cash your bets.

In live bets, however, you get to cash out any time you want! As the markets change quite dramatically, punters must release their funds and use them for other bets.

Best Live Betting Sites

Although live bets have become a fundamental part of most online bookmakers, not all of them are equally competent. That’s why our experts are suggesting a few live betting sites over the others. Let’s take a look at what they can bring to the table.


Betway needs no introduction in Ghana and it has spectacular in-play support for the punters. Pretty much all sports that qualify for in-play betting are offered on the library and a lot of them even offer live streaming.

betway live betting ghana


In Ghana, 1xBet is a very popular online bookmaker for its extensive sports library and competitive odds. You will find live bets for football, tennis, ice hockey, table tennis, basketball, or any other sport you can think of. The only prerequisite is that there must be a live match going on somewhere in the world.


Betboro is Ghana’s very own online bookmaker with amazing live bets. The highlights of the bets are located right on the homepage. You can even see the number of active events changing in real-time. Betboro offers bets on tennis, football, cricket, and all other mainstream sports.

Live Betting Tips

No matter how hard you try, you won’t benefit from in-play betting if you don’t dial in the basics. Sports betting is far more skill-oriented when compared to casino games. So, here are our top live betting tips for the punter in Ghana.

Research is Your Best Friend

Both live and pre-match bets require substantial knowledge on your end to accurately predict the outcomes. It’s even more intense for live bets as there’s very little time to make a call.

Hence, you need to spend quite a bit of time in research before you can master the art of in-play betting. You need to be a master of the sport you’re betting on as well as know the previous statistics to assume what might happen in the upcoming match.

Look for Line Shifts?

Remember we said that bookmakers are more likely to make mistakes for live odds? It should be a prime target for you. You can start by simply keeping your eyes on the money lines for the underdog. When a supposed underdog gets a good start in the match, the lines shift radically.

Identify Odds Changing Factors

The odds in a live match may change for a multitude of reasons. And they’re going to vary from sport to sport. So, one of your main tasks is to identify the factors that can accelerate the change in odds. For example, if a football team is too dependent on a star player, he is the changing factor. How he plays will change the dynamic of the game.

Plan Ahead

Although in-play betting is supposed to be spontaneous, you need an element of planning in the long run. Otherwise, you’ll run out of bankroll before you even realise it. Also, you won’t be able to keep track of your losses if you just go ham on it.

So, plan ahead. Think of all the possibilities that may arise when you bet and how you want to tackle them. If you can draw up a few scenarios and plan the tentative course of action, you’re more likely to succeed.

soccer live betting

Live Betting Strategies

Let’s take a quick look at some of the strategies most experts agree on.

  • Don’t underestimate the power of the bookmaker interface. A good interface will give you instant results, while bad ones will delay your response. Choose wisely.
  • Hedging opportunities shouldn’t be missed during in-play betting. It simply means locking up your profits with pre-match bets and then expanding on it with live bets.
  • Compare the odds for the live events at more than one bookmaker. The difference between the odds can tell you a lot about the potential outcomes.
  • Most importantly, know your limits and gamble responsibly.


As part of promotions, many online sportsbooks offer free bets. It can be on pre-match bets as well as live bets. Free bets have a pre-assigned value that you can use on your preferred event. Just make sure you’re maintaining the minimum odds.

Live football bets are extremely popular in Ghana and in all other countries where football is a popular sport. Essentially, bookmakers break the match down into halves or even quarters. Then, they offer markets on the segmentised section of the match.

A 3 way bet, also known as a 1×2 bet is where you can put on your money on Team A to win, Team B to win, or a draw. The teams are mostly distinguished as the home team and the away team. When you place it live, it becomes a 3 way live bet.

Most live betting sites utilise odds compilers. They’re essentially like traders who update the odds based on real-time statistics and match dynamics.