Win to Nil Meaning | Guide for Ghanaian Bettors

In sports betting, win to nil meaning is one of the most common betting terms when it comes to football markets.

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Win to Nil Meaning in Betting

Firstly, in this section, we provide a definition of what win to nil means in sports betting. Ultimately, with this type of wager, players make two bets in one. The first part is for a team to win the match outright. Then, the second part is for the same team to win without conceding.

However, bettors also have a second option for win to nil wagering. There is also an option to place a win to nil no bet.

Through this wager, bettors back one team to win the game. But, the second part of the bet is for both teams to score during the contest.

Generally, this betting market in football is often used when one team is considered a lot stronger than their opponent. It is a regular choice when the better team has a strong defence and the other team struggles to score goals.

Win To Nil Meaning In Betting

What are Win to Nil Examples?

To provide some context to the win to nil meaning, some examples are used below to demonstrate how it works. The example of win to nil betting below uses real teams to create a real life example bettors can follow.

If Man United are playing Aston Villa and a bettor thinks Man U are going to win without conceding, then a win to nil bet is available. For the wager to place, the scoreline would have to be anything to nil for United. Some example score lines include, 1-0, 2-0, 3-0 etc.

However, if Aston Villa were to score at any time in the match, and the results finished, 2-1, 3-1, for example, then win to nil bets cannot work.

Furthermore, win to nil predictions are made on the basis that the chosen team wins. Clean sheet wagers are separate because they could place if both teams keep a clean sheet. In this example of win to nil betting, if Chelsea are playing Arsenal and a bettor backs a Chelsea win to nil and the score ends in 0-0, the bet won’t work.

Similarly, if Arsenal were to win 1-0, then win to nil is void because Chelsea have lost and conceded a goal.


Generally, bettors who are new or experienced in the sports betting scene place win to nil bets. Ultimately, this is because there are some positives to laying this type of bet over others. However, there are also some downsides bettors can encounter when placing this type of wager.

Below, our table highlights some of the pros and cons of the win to nil betting market.

Good selection when a home team has a clear advantage over a weaker team.If a chosen team concedes early in a match, the bet is void straight away.
Players can place lower stakes at higher odds.Football is unpredictable, which makes choosing to win nil more difficult.
Bettors can find good statistics pre-match to help inform good value win to nil matches.


Below, we answer some of the most common questions about this betting market. In addition, we provide an explanation for home team to win to nil no meaning.

Through this type of bet, players select one team in a match to win without conceding. Usually, most bookmakers offer this type of bet in addition to other common markets, such as, BTTS, handicaps, correct score and goalscorers.

However, to lay a win to nil wager, bettors sign in to their account, deposit funds and choose a win to nil bet. Then, they set their stake and confirm.Β 

Usually, through a win to nil bet, bettors have two options. First, they can choose a win to nil outcome for the home or away team. For this to win, the chosen team must win the match and not concede. However there is a home team to win to nil no meaning too.

For this wager to work, the home team must win. Although, the second part of the bet is for the home team to not keep a clean sheet. As a result, both teams must score for the wager to payout.Β 

In football betting, win to nil is a common betting term. It is a market where players lay two bets under one stake. First, the chosen team must win the match. Second, the team selected must keep a clean sheet. Some score examples of win to nil include, 1-0, 2-0. 3-0, etc.Β