Handicap Predictions and Betting Tips for June, 2023

Handicap predictions are the betting markets where you can place handicap bets on games. In English, handicap means a disadvantage, so handicap meaning in betting is placing bets with a disadvantage to one of the teams.

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Handicap Soccer Predictions

Last modified: 2023-06-08 12:07:11 UTC+ 0
Yield: 11.58%
Manchester City vs Inter
Champions League Final Stage
10/06 21:00
Manchester City (-1) (EH)
Hi bE Community, off we go to the CL final! City are clear favs in this match up, they performed very well against Real, even Inter might get in trouble defensively. Hence, my new bet: 10 out of 10 units...
Yield: 2.94%
FCI Levadia U21 vs Flora Tallinn U21
08/06 18:00
FCI Levadia U21 (-1) (EH)
Hello all , We have a football game and the sides that are playing against each other are Levadia and the opponents. Hosts are strong than the opponents. My prediction for the game is hosts to win by more...
Yield: -3.92%
Blacktown City FC vs Central Coast Mariners Youth
New South Wales
11/06 07:00
Central Coast Mariners Youth (-1) (EH)
Ahead of this upcoming match my fellow lads at betting expert there is going to be a match up for prediction which is going to be played in the upper division predicting a game is base on probabilities...
Yield: -3.92%
Hakoah Sydney City East vs Bonnyrigg White Eagles
New South Wales Premier League 2
10/06 09:00
Bonnyrigg White Eagles (-1) (EH)
Ahead of this upcoming match my fellow lads at betting expert there is going to be a match up for prediction which is going to be played in the upper division predicting a game is base on probabilities...
Yield: 1.43%
FK Liepaja vs SK Super Nova
09/06 18:00
SK Super Nova (+2) (EH)
Tomorr., 17:00 FK Liepaja โ€“ Super Nova I think this game will be closer than the odds suggest so I will go with an Asian for Super Nova. As regards recent matches, the home team will be going in this...
Yield: 1.43%
Valmiera FC vs Riga FC
09/06 17:00
Riga FC (-1) (EH)
Tomorr., 16:00 Valmiera โ€“ Riga FC Riga FC is favored here and they have the momentum with consecutive wins and creating a winning pattern.As regards recent matches, the home team will be going in...
Yield: 1.43%
Staal Joerpeland vs Madla
3. Division Avdeling 3
09/06 18:00
Madla (+1) (EH)
Tomorr., 17:00 Staal Jorpeland โ€“ Madla IL An inconsistent Staal Jorpeland team definitely opens opens up this game for Madla even this is a risky one but I see them talking their chances in this game....
Yield: 4.64%
Yokohama F.Marinos vs Kashiwa Reysol
J. League
10/06 09:00
Yokohama F.Marinos (-1) (EH)
I quite like the hosts for this game as they are a very attacking side with their fair share of goals in them. They are currently 2nd in the league after 16 rounds and average just above 2 goals per game....
Yield: -1.05%
Manchester City vs Inter
Champions League Final Stage
10/06 21:00
Draw - Manchester City (-3) (EH)
Manchester City and Inter Milan plays by the UEFA CHampions league and i think that is good to have the 0-3 EH in the match to me and i think that is good to me and the chance to me to have the 3-0 in...
Yield: 0.63%
Manchester City vs Inter
Champions League Final Stage
10/06 21:00
Manchester City (-1) (EH)
Pep Guardiola's Manchester City will be looking to go one better this time in the UEFA champions league Finals against Inter Milan, I think they are the outright favourites for this tie, Inter are a compact...

How to Bet on Handicap Soccer Predictions?

If you bet on soccer games, you must have come across a scenario where an underdog has to compete against a strong favorite, think Brazil vs Peru in the World Cup. In that situation, the most reasonable prediction is for Brazil to win. But the odds for Brazil to win will most likely range from 1.02 to 1.08.

So there is not a lot of value in placing bets on those odds. That is where handicap betting comes in.

With handicap betting, you can now level the playing ground for both teams by offering imaginary goals to the weaker team, in this case, Peru. It can range from 1 to 4 goals advantage, and then Brazil has to overcome this goal advantage to win the game.

But who wins the game does not determine whether you win the bet or not. For your bet to be successful, the handicap goals come into play. For instance, using the above example, if you predict Brazil as the winner of the match and give Peru a 2 goal advantage.

If Brazil wins with a 2 goal margin, the handicap makes the match a 2-2 draw and your bet is lost. However, if Brazil wins with a 3 goal margin, your bet is successful.

So with handicap betting predictions, who wins the match is not necessarily your concern but the goal margin.

Handicap Predictions and Betting Tips

Handicap Basketball Predictions

There are currently no new tips. Check again later.

Basketball handicap predictions are also known as line bets. In the basketball handicap predictions market, the underdogs are offered imaginary points to level the playing field.

The handicap market in basketball is a 3-way handicap as there is the possibility of a draw if the stronger team matches the advantage points given to the weaker team.

Handicap Betting Tips

Like in every form of betting, you will need betting tips, whether in normal or handicap markets. That is why we have provided handicap betting tips that you can use when betting on games.

These tips donโ€™t guarantee you will win your handicap bets, but it increases your chances of winning. Here are the handicap betting tips.

Understand the handicap betting markets for each sport.

The concept of handicap betting can be easily understood, but some slight differences exist between some sports. So, before you place handicap bets on any sport, take time to research how it works in that particular sport.

Start small

If you now understand how handicap betting works in the sports you want to bet on; you can start betting on it. But start small.

This gives you room to make mistakes which are almost inevitable without losing a lot of money. So start small and grow as you get more knowledge.

Use accumulators or system bets

When placing handicap bets, you can use accumulators or system bets. It is important to note that using accumulators means that you are very comfortable placing handicap bets.

If you are not yet skilled in reading and understanding handicap predictions, stay with single bets. Remember the previous tip, Start small.

Research your games

You will still need to be aware of the predictions you are making, which means you have to research the games you are betting on. Handicap predictions may provide better odds, but it wonโ€™t be beneficial if you donโ€™t research the game, as you can lose your bets.

Limit your handicap betting

You may want to focus on placing handicap bets for the better odd value but donโ€™t do that. If you have a betting strategy, add handicap betting to one of the markets to bet on, but donโ€™t make it the only market.

Instead, take time to look at other markets to find other valuable betting opportunities.

Follow tipsters that specialize in handicap betting

If you are still a novice in handicap betting, you can greatly improve if you follow tipsters that specialize in it. That means you can receive tips on handicap bets and why they make such predictions.

It is a great learning opportunity. You can find handicap betting tipsters with a google search.

Handicap Predictions FAQ

We have tried to share all you need to know about handicaps, including handicap betting tips. As this article ends, we have tried to answer some frequently asked questions about handicap predictions.

How do you win a handicap?

While a handicap improves betting odds, especially when a very big team meets a small team, there is no guarantee of winning handicap bets. Because of the unpredictable nature of sports, you can only make predictions, and if you are correct, you win.

What is 3-way handicap prediction?

A 3-way handicap prediction simply has 3 outcomes in the handicap market. Either a home win, an away win or a draw.

How to calculate a golf handicap?

A golf handicap is calculated based on the golf courseโ€™s difficulty and the skills of the golf player. Since not every golf bettor is on the same skill level and the difficulty of the golf courses and different holes vary, it is important to calculate a handicap index for the golfer. Then, the handicap index is added to your score at the end of the game to give a final score.

What is handicap betting in basketball?

Handicap betting in basketball is the same as in every other sport. First, you give the underdog an advantage and hope it helps them win the game. Then, you either bet on the underdog to win with the advantage or that the superior team will outclass the other team and win regardless.

What is handicap betting in tennis?

In tennis handicap, you can either place handicap bets on the number of games or sets. For the games handicap, you give the weaker player an advantage on the number of games to win the favourite player. While with the set handicap, you give an advantage to the weaker player by virtually adding winning sets for him against the other player.