Paul Parker: Rashford is nowhere near a spot in the starting lineup for England

Man United won 3-0 against Leicester and Marcus Rashford once again was on the scoresheet for Man United. 

This time the striker scored twice in the win and he keeps impressing for Man United as he has done since returning from the World Cup and we talked to the former Man United defender, Paul Parker, to get his opinion on the inform Man United player. 

Parker has previously heavily criticised Rashford and even though he is impressed by the goals he has scored he is still not blown away by the Englishman. 

During our talk with him, he also shared his thoughts on James Maddison who has been linked to Man United and last he gave us his opinion on Jack Grealish. 

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Rashford is not competing for a spot in England´s starting lineup 

“Rashford is scoring goals which is great but he is not a phenomenal player. He is not a player that is competing to be in the starting lineup for England.”

“Most of his goals are scored as a centre forward inside the small area of the penalty box and there is no way that Southgate will bench Harry Kane.”

“And he is not good enough to play as a wide player for the national team. Bukayo Saka is one of the first players on Southgate´s team and he is very loyal to his players.”

Parker still thinks that Rashford needs to perform better in other aspects of the game before he would classify him as a world class player. 

“Rashford also needs to understand that there is more than goals in football. He needs to make spaces for his teammates, assist them and create chances. I´m not seeing him do that.”

“But it’s brilliant that Rashford has performed that well goalscoring-wise for Man United after the World Cup. But I want him to do it consistently for more than two months before I will call him a world class player. He is not there yet.”

“I wouldn’t like to see James Maddison at Man United.”

James Maddison has been linked to Man United but Parker doesn’t think that he would be a good addition to the squad as they already have players that are quite similar to him as he also points out that Maddison hasn´t been outstanding for Leicester according to him. 

“I wouldn’t like to see James Maddison at Man United unless he makes some changes. He’s not the player that United should be looking at.”

“If you look at him and Eriksen maybe there are similarities there but he’s not one I see coming into that midfield, especially because we already have Eriksen who I consider as a better player.” 

“There would be a lot that would have to change with him. I’m looking for him to be Leicester’s most outstanding player every game and I’m not seeing that.”

“And I’m not seeing someone that’s working really hard and playing out of his skin. Someone that’s getting himself noticed because of his playing abilities.” 

“He seems to be playing within himself and it’s not ideal. But football has changed now. People in football believe that they can afford to pay those wages for average players, so we never know what will happen.”

“Someone might take a gamble and go and get it out of him. The biggest concern is when it’s not going well will he close down again and go into that comfort zone if he goes to a big club.” 

“I’m not a big fan of Jack Grealish”

Jack Grealish scored a very important goal for Man City against Arsenal but the season has been a lot up and down for the winger. Parker says that he isn’t too impressed by Grealish slams him for looking for a freekick all the time. 

“Jack Grealish is alright. He’s an okay footballer but I’m not a big fan of him.” 

“He wants to be fouled all the time. I’m really not a fan at all. I don’t understand why he wants to play like that.”

“Throwing yourself to the floor. It’s like an imaginary Judo match every time he plays. And when he gets the foul he wants to be confrontational because he’s been touched.” 

“He wants to swear at the rough because he gets tackled. I don’t know why Pep hasn’t said anything about it because it kills the flow of Manchester City.” 

I’m sure he could add a lot more if he had the desire to stay on his feet.”