Best Aviator Betting Sites in Ghana in 2024

The Aviator game is a popular casino game, with several Aviator betting sites available for customers. This article delves into Aviator betting and the different things to consider before playing the Aviator game.

Best Aviator Betting Sites in Ghana

The best betting sites in Ghana all have Aviator betting sections. These are the top 4 online casinos with Aviator game and their different bonus options.

OperatorAviator BonusPlay Aviator

Play Aviator and win prizes

Official Aviator game on Betway Ghana

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1xBet Aviator

As one of Ghana’s largest casino games sites, it is not surprising that 1xBet has an Aviator betting section. To play the Aviator game on 1xBet, click the button below.

Like all the other bookmakers, the Aviator game interface on 1xBet is simple. The 1xbet promo code is useful for new customers when you sign up to get the bookmaker’s welcome bonus.

Betway Aviator

The Aviator game is available on Betway Ghana and has the same interface as the other betting sites. You can get a Betway Aviator bonus when you have played the game for a while on the Betway website.

However, if you are a new customer, you can use the Betway sign up code to get the bookmaker’s welcome bonus and other bonuses.

Betway Aviator Login

Betika Aviator

If you already bet on Betika, you can also bet on the Aviator game there. Even though the Betika welcome bonus is for playing in the sports section, you can get a Betika Aviator betting bonus when you deposit and start placing Aviator bets with money on the bookmaker’s website or mobile app.

betika Aviator bonus

Betboro Aviator

Betboro is another top platform for players interested in the Aviator betting sites. Even though the bookie provides a welcome bonus in the form of Free Bets, you can soon start placing Aviator bets on the Betboro site or app optimised for Android and iOS devices.

Like all the other bookmakers on this list, the Aviator interface is simple, and the game rules are explained at the top right menu. The game comes with all the functions, such as Double Bet, Auto Cash Out, and Auto Play.

betboro aviator betting

How Did We Choose Our Aviator Betting Sites?

The Aviator online game is the most sought-after casino game. So almost every bookmaker has an Aviator betting section.

And with the several betting sites with Aviator game, it can be difficult to know which one to go with. So we analyse the factors we considered when choosing the best Aviator betting sites in Ghana.

Aviator bonus

The Aviator bonus is the first thing to consider when choosing an Aviator betting site. You will see several types of bonus options on Aviator betting sites, but the most common is the free bets.

If you play the game regularly, then, you will get a free bet to place on Aviator games. The bookmaker may also offer weekly cash prizes and other gifts for the highest bettors of the game week.

Excellent website experience

The betting site must have a nice and easy-to-use interface to enjoy the Aviator game fully. This interface needs enough space to contain all the elements that make it easy to play the game.

This includes the in-play chat, the betting section, and enough screen space for the main gameplay. On the technical side, the bookmaker’s website needs to be blazing fast as the game requires a fast internet connection to display the entire gameplay.

You can be sure of having a fast and reliable internet connection for the betting sites we listed above.

Mobile app

The Aviator game is fast, simple, and instant fun. So to make the most of it, you must be able to play it anywhere and anytime with an internet connection.

This led us to ensure that every betting site we choose for the Aviator game has a mobile app, at least for one operating system. The mobile app needs to have the same functionality as the website, which includes fast speed and an excellent user experience.


You need a secure website to play the Aviator game. This is important as you will be depositing money to place real bets.

So you must check the address bar of the URL of the bookmaker and ensure that there is a padlock logo there. This logo indicates that it implements the secure transfer protocol.

Different payment methods

You can play the Aviator game in demo mode, meaning you don’t need to deposit money before you can bet. But you will certainly have more fun when you bet with real money.

This means that the betting site must provide different payment methods or at least the ones most bettors use. The popular payment methods in Ghana include mobile money, credit cards, and bank transfer, and all the Aviator betting site we selected has at least one or all of these payment methods.

Demo mode with responsive customer service team

The Aviator game is new and different from other casino games in how it is played. So for that reason, the bookmaker you want to play the Aviator game must have a demo mode to give you a feeling of how the game is played.

The bookmaker should also have a FAQ section focusing on the Aviator game where it answers the majority of questions bettors have. 

Also, the customer service team must be able to explain to bettors how the game’s bonus works and point users in the right direction when they have questions about the game. For all the betting sites we’ve reviewed in this article, you can play the game in demo mode.

What is Aviator Betting?

Aviator betting is placing bets on a popular plane game that has become popular recently. The original aviator game came from video games. It is now adopted by online casinos and is making waves. 

The game is based on a plane flying away, and the odds increase the longer the plane is in the air. To win, bettors must cash out before the plane crashes. 

Betting in this game is a bit different from other games. For example, you can wager two bets on one round. And you must wager about 5 seconds from the end of one round.

This increases your chance of getting it right, at least for one of the bets. The gameplay can range from 8 seconds up to 30 seconds.

Because of how popular the game has become, several bettors just start playing it without understanding how to play it. So we offer some Aviator betting tips below.

Make use of the bonus

Most betting sites offer Aviator game bonuses to new customers. Some betting sites also offer ongoing promotions on Aviator games.

Before you start playing, read the ‘Bonus’ section of the bookmaker to understand the requirements of the aviator bonuses. 

Start betting with small stakes

The Aviator game is continuous. This means you can place bets at any time of the day you want to play.

So deposit into your account and start betting with small stakes, even smaller than you do in other betting sections.

This is because the odds in this game can go high, and you receive a huge amount for a small stake. By starting small, you can also control the amount of risk you take.

Have a budget

The Aviator game is enjoyable, but you must stick to betting with your budget. Your budget should be money you can afford to lose, and you must not exceed it.

In creating your budget, don’t account for future wins; just have a budget based on the amount you have. Deposit it into your account and bet with it till you finish it.

Take breaks

The Aviator game is available 24/7, so it means you can afford to take breaks without missing so much. So no matter how interesting the game is and how much you get from betting, always take breaks and focus on other things.

This helps to ensure that the game doesn’t become addictive and replaces other types of relaxation.

Play for fun

The original aviator game was created for fun, and just like in every other form of gambling, the reason for playing it is for fun. If you attempt to play the Aviator game for any other reason, then you have missed the purpose of the game.

Best Aviator Betting Sites – Our Review

Aviator Betting in Ghana FAQs

We answer some questions about Aviator online Betting in Ghana to complete this article.

There are several Aviator betting sites in Ghana, such as 1xBet, Betika, Betway, and Premier Bet. However, there are other Aviator betting sites, and you can check for the game in the casino section of the bookmaker.

The best platform to play the Aviator game in Ghana is Betway. This is because the bookmaker has special Aviator bonuses, and you can play the game on their mobile app, whether you use iOS or Android phone.

Other sites you can play the game include Betika, 1xBet, and Premier Bet.

The Aviator demo is available on every bookmaker’s site with the game. All you need to do is to click the Aviator game tab at the top of the page or in the casino section.

Then you can watch the game play automatically and place bets with the demo money.

The betting apps that offer the Aviator game include 1xBet, Betika, Betway, and Premier Bet.