Abdul Fatawu Issahaku – Player Profile 2024 & Career

Ghana Player Football
Player ProfileInformation
NameAbdul Fatawu Issahaku
Date of Birth8th March, 2004
ClubDreams F.C.
PositionAttacking Midfield

History of Abdul Fatawu Issahaku

Abdul Fatawu Issahaku was born in Tamale on 8th March 2004. We don’t have much information about his life or football prior to entering the Ghanaian circuit. But we do know that his professional football career began when he signed on to Steadfast FC in 2019.

Steadfast FC is in the Division One Zone One League, which is Ghana’s second-best league. Abdul Fatawu scored 8 goals and helped set up another 12 goals across 12 matches in the league during his first season.

This cemented his position as the top goal scorer in the league zone. But it was only a taste of what’s to come.

Thanks to this performance, Abdul Fatawu Issahaku was selected for the U-17 Ghana National Team. As part of this team, he participated in the Africa U 17 Cup of Nations Qualifiers. This was his first big international event. Among Ghanaian footballers, Issahaku is considered to be one of the biggest up-and-coming talents. The list of accolades he’s earned so far is a testament to that.

Abdul Fatawu Issahaku in Ghana

Abdul Fatawu is one of Ghana’s rising superstars for a number of reasons. His potential is evident even though he has only played with a few local teams in Ghana and has been on the scene for only three years.

In domestic clubs, Abdul Fatawu Issahaku’s foray into professional football began with Steadfast FC, a Division One Zone One team based out of his hometown. He signed onto the club in July 2019 and was on contract with them as an attacking midfield player for most of his time there.

Recently, he was loaned to Dreams FC, a top-ranked team in the First Tier of the Ghana Premier League. Abdul Fatawu Issahaku is currently playing a short stint for them before he moves abroad to play with international clubs.

The Ghana U-17 Team

Abdul Fatawu Issahaku’s national football career in Ghana began as the captain of the U-17 Ghana National Team. He was chosen for this position straight out of the Ghana Premier League.

He played in the Africa U-17 Cup of Nations qualifiers. While did not actually achieve a lot in that tourney, his standout gameplay was noted. Fatawu was then quickly promoted to the Ghana U20 squad, despite his youth and relative lack of experience

The Ghana U-20 Team

Although the youngest player in the U-20 squad, Abdul Fatawu Issahaku could show off his remarkable prowess and talent. In the 2021 Africa U-20 Cup of Nations, he scored 2 goals during the group stages. This was enough to cement him as the Player of the Tournament.

The Ghana U20 team went on to win their fourth trophy in the Africa U-20 Cup of Nations. Additionally, Issahaku was awarded as the Best Player of the Tournament.

While Abdul Fatawu Issahaku’s domestic career is well and underway, his international career is also starting to burgeon. After a stellar performance in the U-20 team, he was invited to join the Senior Team in March 2021.

The Ghana National Team

The Ghanaian National Team, the Black Stars played two matches with South Africa, and Sao Tome and & Principe in away games. While Issahaku did not participate in these matches, he participated in the training sessions with the rest of the team and was around to observe them.

Later in the year, he played for the Black Stars’ B Team against Uzbekistan. Although the Ghana team lost the match, Abdul Fatawu Issahaku was the only Ghanaian player to score a goal. While this was a friendly international match, it was not with the main team and so doesn’t really count as a debut.

Abdul Fatawu finally made his proper international football debut with Ghana in September 2021. Ghana went up against Zimbabwe in the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers, beating them 3-1. Two of the goals are directly attributed to him, including a long-range free-kick that would typically be given to more senior players.

Not many players get to showcase their skills in their debut match. This is part of what has cemented Fatawu as one of the greatest players of Ghana. People are already comparing him with the likes of Abidi Pele.

Abdul Fatawu Issahaku’s International Career

Additionally, Abdul Fatawu Issahaku will soon be stepping into the international club scene. After a 2021 packed with speculation and confusion as he negotiated with various clubs, his future destination has been decided.

Despite being on the verge of joining the top Bundesliga team Bayer Leverkusen, the Germans withdrew in May due to various issues with his agent. Fortunately, Issahaku had plenty of other options lined up.


Eventually, after several months of negotiating with various teams, Issahaku signed on for Liverpool. As he is still 17 and underage, he will not be signing the contract just yet. Instead, he will be playing for Sporting Lisbon, one of the top-three Portuguese Clubs.

Sporting Lisbon

World-famous players like Cristian Ronaldo and Luis Figo were youth members of Sporting Lisbon. It’s only fitting that Abdul Fatawu Issahaku also gets the same opportunity as them. This could be his chance to head to even greater heights.

After a season with Sporting Lisbon, he should be ready to collect his UK Visa. Afterwards, when he is of age, Issahaku will begin his five-year contract with Liverpool.

Abdul Fatawu Issahaku TeamsInformation
League ClubsPeriod
Steadfast FCJuly 2019 – Oct 2021
Dream FCOct 2021 – Jan 2022
Sporting LisbonJan 2022 –
National Teams
Ghana U20Feb 2021 – Oct 2021
GhanaOct 2021 –

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FAQs about Abdul Fatawu Issahaku

Where is Abdul Fatawu Issahaku from?

Abdul Fatawu Issahaku was born in Tamale, Ghana. Tamale is the third-largest city after Kumasi. He also grew up there, starting his football career at Tamale-based club Steadfast FC.

What is Abdul Fatawu Issahaku’s current club?

Abdul Fatawu’s current club is Dream FC. His original contract was with Steadfast FC and he will be playing for Dream on loan. The loan period started in October 2021 and will last until Fatawu signs on with another club.

Is Abdul Fatawu Issahaku a left or right footer?

Fatawu Issahaku is a left-footer. Some of his most stellar goals, including against Zimbabwe in the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifiers, were made on the left foot. His left-footed gameplay coupled with his aggressive midfielder instincts is what makes him one of the strongest upcoming players.

Who is Abdul Fatawu Issahaku agent?

Abdul Fatawu Issahaku’s agent’s name is not publicly known. However, the agent has been widely panned for his aggressive and potentially unethical approach to aggressively negotiating a high transfer rate for Issahaku.

Despite being very close to signing on with Bayer Leverkeusen, the agent entertained Liverpool and Borussia Dortmund at the same time. The agent also helped raise rumors of interest from other clubs such as FC Basel, RSC Anderlecht, Ajax, RB Salzburg and BVB in order to drive Fatawu’s price up.

Fortunately, Fatawu has made a clean landing through the transfer season with a promised deal with Liverpool and a confirmed loan to Sporting Lisbon.

What is Abdul Fatawu Issahaku jersey number?

Abdul Fatawu Issahaku’s jersey number with Dreams FC is 10.

What are Abdul Fatawu Issahaku awards?

Abdul Fatawu has won multiple awards for his performance in various events and tournaments over the years. In the Africa U 20 Cup of Nations 2021, Fatawu played a part in claiming the big trophy. He was also named the Total U20 Africa Cup of Nations Player of the Tournament.

Afterward, at the Ghana Football Awards, Fatawu Issahaku was awarded the Odartey Lamptey Future Star Award. This is given to younger players who display the most potential.