Spanish La Liga Predictions and Betting Tips for December, 2022

Sports betting can be a daunting affair, especially for beginners. That is why there are betting predictions to help you make decisions. Though they cannot offer absolute certainty, the best football predictions can help you make a decision when placing your bet. On this page, you will find the latest La Liga predictions from the most knowledgeable source.

La Liga Predictions Today

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La Liga 2 Prediction

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Yield: -1.62%
Cartagena vs Villarreal B
07/12 19:00
Under 2.5 goals
This game looks like one that could be really close at 90 mins. I expect a measured performance from both teams as they are both solid at the back. The possibility of plenty goals here looks unlikely....
Yield: 7.52%
Tenerife vs Deportivo Alaves
07/12 21:00
Tenerife to win
Welcome lovers of football game to another Spanish football match which is between Tenerife against deportivo alaves. In these match today between the two teams the favorite team is the host team according...
Yield: -1.62%
Tenerife vs Deportivo Alaves
07/12 21:00
Tenerife to win
For this fixture, I believe the bookmakers have miscalculated the odds. Tenerife is the favored team here and I see the reason. They have the quality to dominate this match and I feel the odds will still...
Yield: 11.82%
Tenerife vs Deportivo Alaves
07/12 21:00
Tenerife 0.00 (AH)
Hi bE Community off we go to Spain football game. The hosts are the slight favs in this match up I think they can get the dub here at least a point. Hence my new bet is ten out of ten units on Tenerife...
Yield: -1.06%
Tenerife vs Deportivo Alaves
07/12 21:00
Tenerife 0.00 (AH)
Hi BE Community the Spanish Segunda Division will be having a game played between Tenerife and Deportivo Slaves, I think Tenerife will win this one, I expect them to play better in this game, they should...

La Liga Correct Score Predictions

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Correct score predictions are about accurately predicting the exact score of a game and not just the overall outcome. Therefore, La Liga correct score predictions attempt to forecast the exact scores for La Liga games. They are intended to guide you when placing correct score bets.

La Liga Football Player

Bet on La Liga Predictions

1 x 2
4:00 pm December 29, 2022
Rayo Vallecano
2.45 3.20 3.00
6:15 pm December 29, 2022
Real Betis
Athletic Bilbao
2.80 3.20 2.60
8:30 pm December 29, 2022
Atletico Madrid
1.22 6.50 11.00
4:00 pm December 30, 2022
2.62 2.90 2.80
6:15 pm December 30, 2022
2.30 3.10 3.20
6:15 pm December 30, 2022
Celta Vigo
2.37 3.20 3.10
8:30 pm December 30, 2022
Real Valladolid
Real Madrid
6.00 4.33 1.50
1:00 pm December 31, 2022
1.25 6.50 9.00
3:15 pm December 31, 2022
Real Sociedad
1.85 3.40 4.33
3:15 pm December 31, 2022
1.95 3.30 3.80
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How to Make La Liga Predictions?

The art of making predictions is a complex and somewhat risky affair. There is no guarantee that a prediction will absolutely come to pass. However, there are factors that can indicate the course of the future and lead to some highly educated judgements.

Though not an extensive list of factors that go into making La Liga and other Spain league predictions, some of the main points have been explained below.

Current Standings

Since the tournament is an ongoing one, you can look at the performance of the teams so far. The top 5 teams so far in the tournament are Real Madrid, Sevilla, Real Betis, Barcelona, and Atletico Madrid.

Real Madrid is leading the pack with 63 points from 27 matches played. The second and third teams are lagging behind by a considerable margin despite having played the same number of games. So, you can deduce that Real Madrid has the greatest possibility of winning based on the information so far.

Historical Performance & Statistics

There are several facets to historical data and statistics that one can consider when making predictions but we will talk about just one for now. The highest number of titles won by a single team. That credit goes to Real Madrid. They have won 34 titles in the history of La Liga. Combined with their current rankings, this point indicates their strength and probability of ultimate victory in this season.

In-Form Players

Among the current La Liga top scorers, Karim Benzema from Real Madrid is currently leading with 20 goals in 24 matches. The next two in the rankings, Iago Aspas and Vinicius Junior, have played the 25 and 26 games, respectively, and scored 13 goals each.

How to Bet on the La Liga Predictions?

Using the best La Liga betting tips, you can bet on predictions for La Liga through a variety of platforms. The good news is that several of the prime sportsbooks in Ghana offer Spain league prediction bets.

You have to make your choices regarding which bet you want to place, and these tips can help you with that. After that, you can determine how much you want to wager and confirm your bet. Once confirmed, your bets will appear on your betslip.

Some of the common bet types have been explained for your convenience. However, it is not an exhaustive list and merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to sports betting.

1X2 Bets

The simplest and most highly demanded betting happens in the form of what are called 1X2 bets. As opposed to the correct score bets which we will explain in the next section, this type of bet is simply wagering on the outcome of the event. So, you either have to bet on a home win, a draw, or an away win. The 1 refers to a home win, the X stands for a draw, and finally the 2 represents an away win.

Correct Score Bets

We touched upon this a little bit in earlier sections but here we will provide a fuller picture of this bet type. A little more complex than 1X2 bets but the upside is that it comes with higher odds.

The reason it is more complex than 1X2 bets is because you not only have to correctly predict the outcome of the game but you also have to make La Liga correct score predictions. So, with a correct score bet, predicting a draw will not be sufficient but you have to specify whether it will be a 0-0 draw, or a 1-1 draw, and so on.

Double Result Bet

With this bet type, we are entering an even more complicated territory. It even makes correct score bets look simple because you only have to be right about the ultimate score in the game. However, double result betting requires you to correctly predict the correct score at the end of half-time as well as the end of the match.

Other Popular Bets

Though the 1X2, double result bet, and the correct score bets are extremely popular and dominate La Liga betting tips, there are many other bets that you can place. The range of bets and their corresponding odds can vary widely among sportsbooks, so keep that factor in mind when choosing a sports betting site.

For instance, you can place bets on the time of the first goal or even the player who scores the first goal in a particular game. There are other tournament-wide bets like the winning team at the end of the season, the La Liga top scorers at the end of the season, and so on.

What Are the Bonuses You Can Get?

Many bonuses are offered by sportsbooks in Ghana. Of course, this comes in handy, so you can utilise the best La Liga and La Liga 2 predictions, as well as other Spain league predictions. Such bonuses are available to both new and existing punters.

Deposit Bonus

This is one of the most widely available types of bonuses. Basically, the sportsbook matches your deposit up to a specified amount. Mostly available for new punters who sign up to a site, some bookmakers may also offer it for certain deposits from existing users as well.

Free Bets

Another way to bet relatively risk-free on complex bets such as La Liga correct score predictions is through free bets bonuses. This is where the sportsbook gives you a certain amount of money to bet with for free. This can be applicable for all sports or for specific tournaments like La Liga 2 predictions or something along those lines.


If your predictions do not pay off in the way you expect, there is a kind of bonus that can somewhat reduce the level of loss. This bonus is known as cashback. Offered by many reputable sportsbooks in Ghana against your losing bets. Generally speaking, a part of what you wager on losing bets is refunded back to you.

La Liga Predictions and Tips FAQ

You can find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about predictions and La Liga betting tips below.

Who is the La Liga Top Scorer?

The current 2021/22 season top scorer in the Spanish La Liga is Karim Benzema of Real Madrid. He occupies the top spot among La Liga top scorers with 20 goals to his name from 24 games.

Which Team is Likely to Win La Liga?

There is no guarantee as to which team will ultimately win. The top 5 teams in the current 2021/22 season of La Liga are Real Madrid, Sevilla, Real Betis, Barcelona, and Atletico Madrid. All the teams have a chance of victory but Real Madrid seem to be the favourites.

Where to Bet on La Liga Predictions?

You can bet on La Liga games based on our predictions at most of the major sportsbooks legally operating in Ghana. They include well-known brands such as Betway, 1xbet, Premier Bet, and Betboro.

Where to Watch the La Liga Predictions?

There are several official broadcasters for La Liga in Ghana. In addition, many sportsbooks such as Betway offer live streaming of many games. As far as La Liga predictions are concerned, you can always visit our site for the latest tips.