1xBet Virtual Sports Ghana | How to Play 1xBet Virtual Sports in 2023

Using computer-generated graphics and animations to replicate real-life sports events, bookmakers offer virtual games to entertain their customers. 1xBet virtual sports in Ghana is home to numerous virtual games.

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1xBet Virtual Sports Bonus โ€“ Overview

Customers of 1xBet Ghana can access bonuses and promotions to bet on entertaining and quality simulated matches. 1xBet virtual sports is like playing video games, but instead of controlling real players, you bet on computer-generated match games.

Diverse virtual gamesLack of total realism
24/7 Availability and AccessibilityRequires stable internet connection
Fast-paced and Exciting matchesPotential risk of addiction
Fairness and transparencyOvertly dependent on the algorithm
Instant match resultLack of social interaction
Visually appealing and responsive interface

How to Play Virtual Sports on 1xBet Ghana?

Do you like virtual gaming? The virtual sports is your go-to platform for variety, quality and security. There are numerous game options, leagues, matches, teams, races, markets, etc., to keep you entertained.

Players can also watch out for the 1xBet promo codes and utilise them to bet on virtual events.

How to play 1xBet Virtual Sports?

  1. Create an Account.

    Sign up to the 1xBet Ghana website, click Register and fill in your details.

  2. Fund Your Account,

    Deposit money using payment options available on 1xBet. Apply the 1xBet promo code to receive the first deposit bonus.

  3. Choose Games.

    Click Virtual Sports from the menu to explore available games.

  4. Select a Game.

    Pick your favourite virtual game, i.e. try out virtual horse races or other virtual races. Although you can only play one race per time, once you are done with a race, click the next race.

  5. Check Betting Options.

    Review different betting options and markets for the chosen game.

  6. Place Your Bets.

    Click on your preferred bet and enter the amount you want to stake.

  7. Confirm Your Bet.

    Double-check your bet details and click Confirm to place your bet.

  8. Explore the Game.

    Watch the virtual match unfold, and see if your predictions come true.

  9. Collect Winnings.

    If your bets win, your winnings will be credited to your 1xBet account instantly.

  10. Keep Exploring.

    Try different games and betting strategies for more entertainment.

With this comprehensive breakdown, you are good to go with 1xBet virtual sports. If you get stuck, refer to this article or contact 1xBet customer support for assistance.

1xBet Virtual Sports Rules

Virtual gaming provides players with fast-paced and visually appealing betting offers available 24 hours a day. However, with the sport still in its infancy, itโ€™s not without its regulatory compliance.

Hence, we have compiled the basic rules that ensure a safe betting experience as you explore 1xBet computer-generated matches.

Age Restriction

Only persons above the legal gambling age can join virtual sports games. This rule protects young players and ensures a safe gambling environment.

Fair Play

Play fairly, and donโ€™t cheat or use unauthorised tools to win. Fairness ensures a level playing field for all bettors.

Bet Confirmation & Game Outcomes

Before confirming bets, review them, as changes arenโ€™t possible afterwards. Also, Outcomes decided by algorithms are unchangeable and must be respected.

Internet Connectivity

For a smooth gaming experience, ensure your device maintains a stable internet connection while playing.

Account Security

Keep your login details safe, and donโ€™t share them. Protecting your account prevents unauthorised access and keeps your funds safe.

Responsible Gaming

If betting gets problematic, Introduce a break period.

The break period is an important practice of responsible gaming. It promotes a healthy balance and avoids excessive betting.

Sports Peculiarity

1xBet simulated sports have numerous options, such as virtual greyhounds, motorbikes, football matches and leagues, horse races, etc.

Make your choice and play by the instructions of each game. Virtual football matches are held every 5 minutes, each lasting 90 seconds, while horse races are held every 2-5 minutes.

Bet Responsibly

Set a budget and stick to it, avoiding spending too much. Responsible betting helps prevent financial problems and promotes healthy gaming.

1xBet Virtual Sports Review

1xBet is a household name for Ghanaian punters regarding virtual gaming. The sportsbook delights bettors with sports such as virtual football matches and leagues, greyhounds, motorbikes, horse races and others.

This section will provide a detailed and unbiased review of 1xBet simulated sports betting markets, exploring its strengths, weaknesses, and overall gambling experience.


  • Exciting Variety: The bookieโ€™s virtual offerings comprise a wide range of games, including virtual greyhounds, virtual motorbikes, football matches and leagues, virtual horse races and more, providing diverse betting markets.
  • Availability and Accessibility: On 1xBet, virtual football and other sports are available 24/7, unlike traditional sports, which are held in intervals of days and weeks. Also, It works on desktops, tablets, and smartphones for easy access anywhere.
  • Fast-paced and Exciting: The 1xBet platform has fast-paced virtual match games with short durations, making gambling more frequent and exciting.
  • Fairness and Transparency: Virtual games are generated using advanced algorithms, ensuring a fair and unbiased gaming environment for all players.
  • Visually appealing and responsive user experience: 1xBet computer-generated sports captivate bettors with stunning visuals and a user-friendly interface, ensuring engaging and entertaining gambling.


  • Lack of Total Realism: 1xBet virtual sports drawback lies in its lack of realism. Despite attempts to replicate real-life sporting events, these simulations can only partially emulate the unpredictability of actual matches.
  • Lack of Social Interaction: Unlike traditional sports betting, 1xBet virtual sports lack the social element of wagering on real-life events. Using the example of virtual football, teams are computer-generated and not your real teams.
  • Dependency on Algorithms: virtual sports outcomes depend entirely on algorithms, removing the randomness involved in playing with real sports teams.
  • Limited Control: Since the outcomes are computer-generated, players have limited control over the gamesโ€™ results.


Check the following commonly asked questions for more information about 1xBet virtual games.

Yes, playing virtual games on 1xBet is safe and secure, as the platform employs advanced security measures to protect user data and transactions.

They are computer-generated simulations of various sports events. The platform is loaded with sports such as virtual football, virtual races, greyhounds, virtual motorbikes, and horse races.

Yes, you can watch virtual sports live, as the matches are simulated and instantly generated for an immersive gambling experience.

Yes, 1xBet offers various bonuses and promotions for virtual gambling. Users can utilise available promo codes to get incentives.

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