Half Time/Full Time Meaning in Betting | Guide for Ghanaian Bettors

Even though experienced bettors are familiar with almost all betting terms, including the half time/full time meaning, there are still many new players in Ghana who don’t quite understand how different betting types work.

Moreover, numerous bettors who would like to use half time/full time predictions, are still unsure how to properly place a bet on these odds. Therefore, in this review, we’ll try to have Half time/ full time bet explained, so that even the new players can put it on their betting slip.

Half Time/Full Time Meaning in Betting

Sports like American football, soccer, and basketball have a time limit that marks the end of the game. For example, a full time in a soccer match is 90 minutes and in basketball, there are four quarters that usually last for 12 minutes. Moreover, in American football, the full time of the game is 60 minutes.

What is more, all of these games last way longer due to numerous breaks and pauses for injuries.

In American football, the halftime would be after 30 minutes of the game. And in soccer, the halftime is marked by a 15-minute break after 45 minutes of the game.

In addition, the halftime of a basketball game is considered at the end of the second quarter.

These time markings are important so that you could understand the half time/full time meaning. Moreover, this type of bet is considered an accumulator or multi-bet because players need to make two different predictions. Firstly, they need to predict which team will be better in the first half of the game. Then, then need to guess which team will be better in the second half.

To win the bet, players need to make correct predictions for both half time and full time.

It’s important to mention that both first and second half time can last longer, especially in soccer. Soccer teams get a couple of minutes extra at the end of each half time, and this time counts for a half time/full time bet.

However, teams can also get additional time in grand competitions like the World Cup due to a draw. This type of additional time doesn’t count for this bet type.

Meaning Of Half Time Full Time In Betting

What Are Half time/Full Time Examples?

The best way to have half time/full time explained is by using different examples. Therefore, take a look at the example below so you can understand how to place this type of bet.

For example, in a match between Barcelona FC and Atletico Madrid, the bookies are more likely to see the Barcelona FC as the favourite. Moreover, for this example, we’ll say that Barcelona FC is the home team.

In addition, the half time/full time odds could look something like this:

  • Home / Home – 1.40
  • Home/ Draw – 1.55
  • Draw/ Home– 1.50
  • Away / Home – 2.3
  • Away/ Draw – 3.8
  • Draw / Draw– 2.8

In the example above, the home stands for Barcelona FC winning, whereas “Away” stands for Atletico Madrid being the better team.

This type of bet is similar to betting on the overall winner. However, the bettors can bet on each of the two half times as two separate events.


Lastly, it’s crucial to point out that all new players who want to understand the meaning of half time full time in betting need to place their first bet on this market to truly understand how it works.

In addition, this type of bet can be really interesting to players who like to stay engaged during the entire time of game. Moreover, many online bookmakers offer great odds for this bet type. Therefore, bettors can consider using themto boost their potential winnings.

Engages the bettors throughout the entire gameCan be difficult to predict the outcome to bettors who don’t follow that sport
Easy to understand
Great odds


If you need more information to understand the meaning of half time full time in betting, then take a look at some of these frequently asked questions below:

How to play half time/full time?

If you want to place a bet on half time/full time then you need to visit an online sportsbook and find a game that you want to bet on. After clicking on that game, you will be able to find this betting option. Then, click on the prediction that you are most interested in. Some of the available options can be:

Firstly, team 1 to be the winner in both half times.

Then, team 1 to be the winner of the first half time and the second to end in a draw.

Also, team 2 to be the winner of the first half time and team 1 the winner of the second.

What Is The Best Strategy For Half Time/ Full Time Predictions?

Firstly, bettors should analyse statistics of previous games. For example, they can discover that statistically, more goals are scored in the second halftime than in the first.

Moreover, all results can depend on the team’s strategy and other factors like the weather and injuries.

How to get half time full time on Betway?

If you want to bet on half time full time on Betway then you need to find the match you want to bet on and click on “More Bets”. Under the option “All” or “1st Half” you can find different half time full time betting options.

How long does it take to get to half time?

This depends on the sports that you are betting on. For example, if you are betting on soccer then it will take approximately 45 minutes until half time. Additionally, if you are betting on American football then it could take around 30 minutes for the half time break to start.