and Jose Mourinho Collaboration | The Special One Becomes a Brand Ambassador

Get ready for some groundbreaking news as the official Jose Mourinho partnership is on. One of the biggest sports betting sites in this area,, has started collaborating with one of the greatest coaches in the modern history of football, Jose Mourinho. is also one of the leading brands in the domain of promoting sports and technology.

So, according to many experts, this brand hit the nail on the head by shaking hands with Mourinho and becoming partners. Let’s see what’s new for fans now.

What Will Jose Mourinho Partnership Actually Bring?

Ghana is full of football lovers and professional players. Yet, this betting brand believes that things can always get better.

So, the Jose Mourinho collaboration is exactly about bringing the popularity of football to a whole new level.

Being already a very famous sports betting company, the new cooperation with Mourinho is only bound to enhance what this brand has been promoting for ages now, and that’s football. José Mourinho

Admittedly, couldn’t have picked a better person to be their brand ambassador. As most of you already know, Mourinho is a multiple trophy winner of the greatest football club competitions in the world.

Having achieved unbelievable results with different teams during different eras, other football experts and media started calling Mourinho “the Special One”. When the Special One and start working together, their achievements are something no fans are going to want to miss.

The TV Commercial Starring Jose Mourinho and Mourinho lost no time to make some high-quality material right after their partnership came into existence. The first thing they filmed together was a one-and-a-half-minute-long TV commercial.

In short, Mourniho introduces himself and discloses his greatest accomplishments as a coach. He also sheds light on his personal traits that relate to ambition, relentlessness, and winning spirit.

On the other hand, the official headquarters also said that they found a perfect match.


In conclusion, we can say that the Special One deservingly got this nickname. His passion and fervour for football, which continued to exist for ages, is now taking a new form.

That form implies sharing his enormous experience with thousands of fans in this region and other areas around the world. Promoting football also means promoting fun, entertainment and a healthy lifestyle, together with fair play.