“Jonny Evans is a mentally tough guy who never moans”, says Paul Parker

Jonny Evans got the chance in the starting lineup against Burnley in the weekend, and we talked to former Man Utd player Paul Parker, who shared his thoughts on the centre half. 

Jonny Evans signed a short term contract with Man United during the summer and the Northern Irish centre half was given the chance against Burnley due to injuries. 

He left a pretty solid impression, however the experienced defender was put on the bench against Crystal Palace yesterday as Raphael Varane was ready to play again after his injury. 

The former Man United defender Paul Parker was very impressed with what he saw and especially his mentality stood out as a positive for the Englishman. 

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Jonny Evans proved everyone wrong

Paul Parker says that he is even more impressed with Evans because of the fact that he was under tremendous pressure because everyone was expecting him to fail. 

“I think Jonny Evans was always expecting Varane and Martinex to be ahead of him. He will accept it but he has done himself more than justice.”

“A lot of people were looking for him to fail. Some of the keyboard warriors were just hoping that he would fail, especially with Varane sitting on the bench.”

“He played a very good game against Burnley. He proved everyone wrong. He won a lot of good headers in both boxes and he looked like a player who wanted to score a goal and not just close his eyes and hit the ball.”

“He is a decent centre half on the ball and even though he is a right footed player played on the left hand side, he was far better than what any right footed player in that position has been at Man United for years.”

“The pass he put through at the goal of his left foot was so impressive. He can kick it with authority and precision.”

He should be further forward in the pecking order now

Even though the centre half started on the bench against Crystal Palace yesterday, Parker thinks that it could be justified to start with him against Crystal Palace in the Premier League match, however he doesn’t expect Evans to moan or complain if he is on the bench. 

“He has done a really good job. Of course, he will be disappointed if he is not playing the next game, but he is the type of guy who would accept it and that’s what he signed up for.”

“He is definitely further forward in the pecking order now and he has proved himself. He has done himself justice and no one can complain if he is starting the next one. He is one of the players who doesn’t let his teammates down.”

“I don´t know Jonny Evans that well but every time his name comes up it’s always about his work ethic. There is always a smile on his face but when things are not right you can see that it’s bothering him.”

“But he is never moaning. He is trying to make up for things if he or his teammate makes a mistake. He is a player that is really respected in the dressing room.”

Jonny Evans is a mentally tough guy

Lastly, Parker makes it clear that he thinks it was a good decision to bring Evans in as he is a mentally tough guy who will do anything in his power to perform well for Manchester United. 

“It was the right decision to bring someone like him in. He is a very good player to have around. He is a mentally tough guy.”

“He is a Northern Irish boy and you´re not going to get a lot of lads from Northern Ireland not being mentally tough. You have to be mentally tough, even if you live there today.”

“Jonny Evans is a guy who won´t forget where he comes from because 50% of the people from his country support Man United.”