Barcelona vs PSG – Betting Tips & Match Predictions

Barcelona heads into the second leg of the Champions League quarter-finals with a narrow 3-2 lead over PSG. Before you place your bets, take a look at our insightful predictions for the Borussia Barcelona vs PSG showdown!

Barcelona vs PSG Betting Tips 

Holding a slender lead, Barcelona enters the rematch with PSG, and bettors are considering various outcomes for this nail-biting encounter. For those looking to wager, here are some current suggestions:

  • Considering a stalemate? Odds for a draw are listed at 4.00 on Betway , a plausible result given the circumstances (valid as of 15 April).
  • Those predicting a balanced scoreline of 1-1 can find odds of 8 at Betway , reflecting the possibility of an evenly matched clash (valid as of 15 April).
  • Convinced Kylian Mbappe will find the net? You can bet on his scoring prowess at odds of 2.10 at 1xBET.
April 2023 game PSG vs barcelona

Bet on a draw 

Despite a challenging season, Barcelona has shown promising signs of improvement recently, and their current form suggests they could secure a draw against PSG. With the luxury of advancing with a draw, Barcelona might focus on a defensive strategy to contain their opponents.

  • Odds for a draw remain enticing at 4 on Betway , making it an interesting bet for the cautious punter (valid as of 15 April).

Bet on the game to end 1-1 

A level score could be the outcome of the forthcoming match, with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) potentially dominating the ball due to the heightened expectations for them to perform in this fixture.

  • Consider wagering on a final score of 1-1- 8 at Betway (confirmed as of April 15)

Wager on Kylian Mbappe Finding the Net

As the fixture approaches, it might represent Kylian Mbappe’s final appearance in the Champions League with PSG. With no contract renewal in sight and speculation rife about a move to Real Madrid for the upcoming season, the French national captain’s next steps are keenly watched.

  • Place your bets on Kylian Mbappe to score – the odds are 2.10 at 1xBET