BetKing Review Ghana 2023 | Detailed Overview of the Betting Site

BetKing is one of the best betting companies that has just entered the Ghanaian betting market. Here is a BetKing review article that will show you everything you need to know about the betting website.

BetKing Registration and Login Review

Registering and logging into a BetKing account is straightforward. To register an account, all you need is your phone number and password. Other details you will need include your first name, last name, email address, date of birth, and state of residence.

Once you can provide all of these, you are good to register your account. So on a scale of 1-10, BetKing registration will take a rating of 9. This is just because of how seamless it can be.

For BetKing login, the process is also direct. All you need is to enter the phone number and password you used during registration.

You will access your account once you provide these details. However, in case you forgot your password, there is a means to create a new one to complete your login. So on a scale of 1-10, BetKing login will take a rating of 10 because the process is very direct.

BetKing Ghana Registration

BetKing Promotion Code Review

Promotion codes allow new bettors to access all the benefits a betting platform provides. These benefits could include a welcome bonus offer, or any other promotional benefits, such as multi bet and jackpot bonuses.

When new users also use the BetKing promotion code, they will get access to the registration bonus that BetKing offers. Usually, sportsbooks provide a certain percentage of a new user’s first deposit as a registration bonus, allowing them to explore more wagering options. The promotion code also ensures that they can access other promotional offers on the website.

You may need to visit the website to find out the promotions available on the betting platform at the moment.

BetKing Deposit Review

Once you are done with your registration on BetKing, you need to complete your Betking login and deposit funds. As BetKing is a new bookmaker in Ghana, it only has one deposit method at the moment.

Perhaps, other deposit methods will be available in the future. Usually, most of the methods are those users use to perform their normal daily transactions.

You can complete your BetKing deposit via Momo. Momo is one of the leading payments in Ghana which allows you to pay for your daily transactions. This also includes funding your BetKing account.

The process is easy and all you have to do is to visit the website and follow the prompt.

BetKing Withdrawal Review

Every bettor wager on sports markets to win. As a result, you need to claim your winnings by following the withdrawal method via the BetKing website.

The withdrawal process on the website allows you to withdraw directly into your bank account. There is no better way to get your winnings than using this method.

Note that you need to have saved your bank details before withdrawing successfully.

BetKing Withdrawal Review

BetKing App Review

There is always a different user experience feel when bettors can wager from sportsbook apps. As a result, many bettors prefer to use the apps to wager since it would afford them comfort and convenience.

Unfortunately, since Betking is a growing sportsbook, it does not have a mobile app at the moment. However, as BetKing users look forward to it being available, they can use the BetKing lite option available.

The BetKing lite option allows users to use the simple version of the Betking mobile website without necessarily needing a strong internet connection.

BetKing Sports Market Review

Despite being new to the betting market, BetKing offers one of Ghana’s best sports betting markets. The betting platform provides a wide range of sports bettors can wager on.

You will have access to at least 21 sports betting markets, including Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Formula 1, and Ice Hockey. Other sports markets include Volleyball, Baseball, Cycling, and American Football.

Furthermore, bettors can also wager on Futsal, Handball, Rugby, Golf, Boxing, Aussie Rules, Cricket, Table Tennis, Darts, Waterpolo, and MMA.

In addition, BetKing allows bettors to wager on ESport Counter-Strike, and Virtual Games. The virtual games include virtual soccer leagues, virtual number games, and virtual racing games. You can wager on any of the events depending on your area of interest.

BetKing Sports Market

BetKing Ghana Review: Our Opinion

Being a new sports betting market in Ghana, there is still room for improvement. However, the website has a lot of juicy features bettors can jump on.

Apart from providing a website with a good user experience, bettors stand a chance to wager on sports games seamlessly. The features do not stop there; bettors can also wager on virtual games.

Meanwhile, there are many cons to the website. For instance, the website does not have a BetKing mobile app, and the payments methods are a bit streamlined. However, there is always a chance for the betting platform to improve.


If you have read this guide, you must now know a lot about BetKing as a sportsbook. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about BetKing review.

Is BetKing available in Ghana?

BetKing is a new betting platform in Ghana that allows bettors to access a wide range of sports betting markets. The website is legal in the country, and you are safe to place your bet.

How good is BetKing?

BetKing is one of Ghana’s best newly introduced betting platforms, with many sports betting market options available. You can explore the website to find out. However, there is room of improvement.

What is the BetKing promotion code?

The BetKing promotion code allows you to access the promotional benefits provided by the sports betting market. With the code, you can get a whopping registration bonus offer and also qualify for other promotional offers.

What is a BetKing customer care number?

BetKing has a wide range of options to contact customer support if you have any issues you would like to solve. 
You can chat with the betting platform’s customer representative with the live chat option. Also, you can get access to them through social media pages, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. 
However, if you want to call customer support on your phone, the BetKing customer care number is 024236850.

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