Betway Livescore | How to Bet on Livescores at Betway in 2024?

This article analyses the Betway livescore betting section and all you need to know about it. If you are a new bettor on the Betway Ghana platform, you can use the Betway sign up code VIPSPORT as you complete the registration process on the bookmaker.

What Is Betway Livescore?

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The Betway livescore is the betting section on the Betway platform that displays the livescore of games and provides betting markets to bet on them. Live betting is usually for sports games with more than 10 minutes of play, so bettors have enough time to make predictions and place bets. So events like Dog and horse racing don’t have any live betting markets.

The livescore section is always buzzing with games. There are always live games available to bet on, ranging from soccer to basketball, cricket, and even futsal. We will look at some of the important sections of the Betway live sports betting section below.

You can see the score and progression of the game. Unfortunately, Betway has no live streaming section. Instead, the visual interface displays the events of the game. This interface also shows the head to head history and statistics that help make correct predictions of the games.

If you are not ready to bet on any live games, you can click the upcoming section to see games that will be featured on the live betting section when they go live. You can also see the bookmaker’s live game’s pick by the side of the page. In addition, you will see several ‘top live games’ that were selected from several sporting events.

Finally, the cash-out feature is available for some games on the Betway live betting section. While live betting improves your chances of winning, the cash-out feature greatly increases your chances of losing out entirely on every bet you place, even live bets. The ‘CO’ symbol is attached to any game that is possible to receive a cashout from.

Betway Livescore Ghana

What Are the Bet Types at Betway Livescore?

The Betway live betting market is almost similar to the pre-game market. Even though not all sports have the same betting markets, some markets are common, and we will look at them in-depth.

Match Result

The match result market focuses on predictions on the final winner of the match. This is always a 2 or 3-way market depending on the sports. Bettors can look at the statistics of the game to confirm whether they are making the correct predictions. The match result market odds fluctuate to reflect the state of the game.

So, for example, if an underdog is competing against a favourite and the favourite team is winning by a huge margin, in most cases, the odds will fall back to 1.01. In some cases, the prediction for the favourite team to win won’t be available again.


In the over/under market, you have to predict the number of times an event will happen in a game. For example, in a soccer game, it could be the number of goals, fouls, corners or cards (both red and yellow).

Likewise, it will be the number of points or fouls in basketball and tennis. However, on Betway live sports betting section, the over/under market is focused on the most popular event, goals and points. A feature of the over/under section is that some predictions are unavailable if the number is reached. For example, if the score of a football match is 3-1, the over/under 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5 us unavailable.


Handicap, also known as line betting, isn’t the most popular betting market because of how complex it can get. But it is a betting market to consider when the odds in the match-winner marker offer no real value. Handicap betting offers an advantage to the underdog, which is essentially a disadvantage to the favourite.

The favourite now has to overcome this advantage to win the bet. There is the option of the European handicap, which is popular on Betway and Asian handicap. So when the odds for a favourite win become unavailable because of the margin of win, the handicap live betting market is a wonderful alternative.

Next Point/Goal

In this Betway live betting market, your prediction is the team to score the next goal or point. This is a tricky bet because if you are watching the game, you can, with a 60-75% confidence, state the team that could score the next point/goal.

But like with everything in sports betting, you can’t be too sure, and with a stroke of luck, the unlikely team could be the next team to score a point. This is one market available until the end of the game because the possibility of scoring in overtime or injury time is always there. So a tip for betting in this market is to make small bets and don’t be overconfident.

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Draw No Bet

This is a variation of the match results market, which reduces it to a 2-way market. This live betting market is only available on games with the possibility of a draw, like football. The benefit of betting in the draw no bet market is this, if the match ends in a draw, you get your wager amount back.

However, you can lose if the team you backed doesn’t win. So a tip for betting in this market is timing. If you can time your DNB wager, you will end up winning or at least you get your stake back.

Team to Win the Rest of the Match

This is another tricky live betting market. What you have to do in this market is to predict who will score more points/goals from that moment till the end of the match. This is irrespective of the final winner of the match. Some tips for betting in this market is when the underdog launches a fightback attempt in the hope of redeeming some glory.

How to Bet on Betway Livescore?

Placing bets on Betway’s livescore section is similar to pre-game bets. But there are a few differences; for example, you need to be faster on live betting because the odds change very quickly. Also, some markets become unavailable after some time.

How to place a bet on Betway livescore?

  1. Register on the Bookmaker

    The first step is the simplest, just register. Head to the Betway site and click on the ‘Sign Up’ button at the top to register your account. You can do so on the mobile app too.

  2. Make a Deposit

    You need to deposit money to place bets in the Betway livescore section. And the bookmaker has quite a list of deposit options.

  3. Place an In-Play Bet on the Betway Livescore Section

    After making a deposit, you can now head over to the livescore section and place a live bet. Just click the ‘Live’ button at the top of the page to access the Betway livescore section.


The Betway livescore feature is interesting as there are several ways to win. We have looked at the different Betway livescore markets and how to place live bets on Betway. Below we have attempted to answer some Betway livescore questions.

If you have any additional questions about it, please contact the customer care team at Betway Ghana.

How does Betway livescore work?

Betway livescore is a section on the bookmaker’s site with all you need for live betting. From the live betting markets, the visual display that shows the game’s events and the statistics to help you make informed bets.

What does live in-play mean in Betway?

Live in-play is another name for live betting. That is simply placing bets on games that have already begun.

How do I use my free bet on Betway live?

You can use your free bets on live bets on Betway. You simply have to choose your free bets balance as your stake before placing the live bet.

How do live bets work at Betway Ghana?

It works similar to normal betting. However, you have to click on the ‘Live section’ to find the games, make predictions, and wager an amount on your bet slip.