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This guide will show you all you should know about how to bet on AFCON with Betika as one of the top AFCON betting sites. Register on this betting platform and get a Betika welcome bonus to bet on your favourite AFCON games.

Betika Betting Odds for AFCON 2024

The biggest footballing event in Africa will be held in Ivory Coast between January 13 – February 11 2024. AFCON stands out as a highly anticipated event in the African football scene.

Betika, a leading bookmaker in Ghana, offers a wide array of betting options for this prestigious football tournament.

In this section, we’ll delve into AFCON betting odds, providing you with insights into key markets and strategies to make informed wagers. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or a newcomer, understanding these betting odds is essential for an exciting and potentially rewarding AFCON betting experience.

Betika AFCON

Tournament’s Highest Goal Scorer

Betika allows you to bet on which player will score the most goals during the tournament. You have to keep an eye on top strikers and in-form forwards in different AFCON teams.

You can start by looking at the last edition won by Vincent Aboubakar of Cameroon and then looking at other gaol poachers among AFCON teams.

Tournament Outcome Betting (Outright)

In this market, you can wager on the overall winner of the AFCON 2024 tournament.

Favourites will have lower odds, while underdogs offer potentially higher payouts. The last edition was won by Senegal but there are other strong teams such as Egypt, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon etc.

Over/Under Goals

Predict whether a match will have more or fewer goals than a specified total. This market adds excitement to any game, as you can bet on high-scoring or low-scoring affairs.

Based on past experience AFCON games hovers between 1.5 to 2.5 goals in a game. This can be a guide when you are trying to decide your bet.

Correct Score Betting

You can decide to flex your prediction muscle by placing bets on the precise final score of a match. Although it could be challenging to predict correctly this type of bet can yield substantial returns if you make accurate predictions.

1×2 Betting Option

The classic “1×2” market lets you bet on the outcome of individual matches. “1” represents a home team win, “x” signifies a draw, and “2” denotes an away team victory. Review the strength of each team before you make this kind of prediction.

Betika Betting Offers for AFCON 2024

Betika is known as one of the best AFCON betting sites in Ghana because they offer interesting offers during the AFCON games. These offers are targeted at ensuring that you have an exciting AFCON betting experience.

While Betika has not yet released the full details of their offers for the upcoming event Here are some of the Betika offers that you can expect when the competition launches.

Free Bets

Customers may receive free bets when they place a qualifying bet on an AFCON match or event.

These free bets can be used to wager on other AFCON matches. During big competitions such as the AFCON, Betika is known for spicing customers’ experiences with free bets.

Enhanced Odds

Betika may boost the odds for specific AFCON outcomes or markets, providing customers with the opportunity to earn more if their bets are successful. The AFCON games such as the knockout stages might experience this offer.

In-Play Betting Promotions

Betika may offer live betting promotions for AFCON matches, such as free in-play bets or enhanced odds for specific in-play markets. In-play is available for active customers on the Betika platform during the AFCON events.

Betika Betting Tips for AFCON 2024

When it comes to AFCON betting, making informed decisions is crucial. Here are some valuable betting tips to consider:

Research Team Form and Squad Strength

Before placing your bets, thoroughly analyze the participating teams. Assess their recent form, injury updates, and squad depth.

Teams with strong and consistent performances may have an edge in key matches.

Keep an Eye on Underdogs

While favourites often dominate the headlines, don’t underestimate underdog teams. They can provide excellent value bets, especially in the early stages of the tournament.

Look for teams with strong defensive strategies and the potential to spring surprises.

Utilize In-Play Betting

In-play or live betting allows you to adjust your bets during the match based on real-time developments. It’s an excellent way to capitalize on shifting momentum or unexpected events like red cards or injuries.

Consider Match Context

Understand the context of each match. Factors like weather conditions, venue, and team motivation can significantly impact the outcome.

For example, a team desperate for points might adopt an aggressive playing style, leading to more goals.

Monitor Top Goal Scorers

Stay updated on the top goal scorers in the tournament. Betting on players with a proven track record for finding the back of the net can be a smart strategy.

Analyze their past performances and goal-scoring consistency.

How to Place a Bet on AFCON with Betika?

As we anticipate the excitement, here’s how to place bets on AFCON games.

How to bet on AFCON with Betika Ghana?

  1. Login/Sign Up

    Log in to your Betika account or create one if you’re new & get the Betika welcome bonus.

  2. Deposit Funds

    Add money to your Betika account using your preferred payment method.

  3. Select AFCON Betting

    Pick an AFCON match you want to bet on.

  4. Make Your Bet

    Choose your desired outcome and stake, then confirm your bet

  5. Place Your Bet

    Review your selections and click “Place Bet” to confirm.

Betika Live Streaming for AFCON 2024

When the AFCON game launches, you can catch all the live action on Betika. The sportsbook offers live streaming to entertain its customers.



Watch – online

  1. Register
  2. Watch game
Watch game

To watch you must have an account created with the bookmaker, and deposit the minimum amount

Our Review

Betika is the one-stop among the Afvon betting sites in Ghana. They tick all the boxes for what bettors expect during the tournament such as extensive betting markets with competitive odds, live bets, bonuses & promotions, and live streaming of matches.

Betika vs Betway

Just like Betika, another reputable platform for AFCON 2024 betting is Betway. From past experiences, Betway offers are known to be very interesting for bettors.

They provide specific betting offers during the competition such as the Betway AFCON Golden Boot winner & Betway AFCON predictor promo.

How to Bet on AFCON with Betika in Ghana FAQ

The available bonuses will be made public as the competition draws near

Simply log in to your betting account and select your preferred payment method either for deposit or withdrawal.

Betika’s AFCON betting odd differs from other AFCON betting sites in Ghana as a reflection of its status as a market leader in Ghana.

Various betting markets such as Highest goal scorer, 1×2, Over/Under goals, correct score and more are available on Betika Ghana.