1×2 Meaning in Betting | 1×2 Betting Guide for Ghanaian Bettors

If you place bets regularly, you must have heard the term 1ร—2 and wondered what the meaning of 1ร—2 in betting is. 1ร—2 is one of the most popular betting terms that explains a betting market.

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1ร—2 Meaning in Betting

The 1ร—2 betting market is the most popular market, and it is a market for choosing the winner of a game. This is simply the meaning of 1ร—2 in betting. It is found in most sports with the possibility of a game-ending in a draw. For example, football, rugby, and ice hockey feature the 1ร—2 betting market.

In 1ร—2 football betting, the market only covers regular and stoppage time. There are three potential outcomes in league fixtures played on a home and away basis:

  • Home Win
  • Draw
  • Away Win

The 1ร—2 bets are settled at the end of normal time and any additional time for injuries and other interruptions in a game. These can include goals, bookings, and delays for Video Assistant Referee (VAR) deliberations.

There is a definite outcome in Cup matches, so the equivalent market is a win for Team A or Team B. But when a match goes to extra time and penalties, the 1ร—2 bets have expired.

Many sporting events have the 1ร—2 betting market, but there is the most interest in 1ร—2 football tips. Bookmakers cover football matches from many countries.

However, the main domestic leagues in Europe (Premier League in England, Bundesliga in Germany, La Liga in Spain, Ligue 1 in France, and Serie A in Italy) always take the prominent spot for 1ร—2 predictions.

Additional 1ร—2 Betting Market

1ร—2 football betting markets can also have additional markets. The first is the double chance market attached to the 1ร—2 betting market. In the double chance, the predictions are as follows.

  • 1X โ€“ Home win or draw
  • 2X- Away win or draw
  • 12 โ€“ Away or home win, no draw.

These are markets to bet on if you are not sure of a sure home or away win. The third option, โ€˜12โ€™ is quite tricky because either the home or away team has to win for the bet to be successful. If the match ends in a draw, you will lose your stake.

So, when you are not sure of the team to win, instead of the โ€˜12โ€™ prediction, place bets on the โ€˜Draw no betโ€™ market/

Then, there are also combination markets for the 1ร—2 market. These are either combinations or derivations of the 1ร—2 betting market. There is the 1ร—2 + BTTS, a combined market of the match winners market and the both teams to score market.

You also have the 1ร—2 and the over/under, combining the match winners market and the over/under market.

There are also derivative markets for 1ร—2. Such as the โ€˜1ร—2 First halfโ€™ or โ€˜1ร—2 Second halfโ€™. These are two different markets where you have to predict the winner of the first or second half, respectively.

1x2 Betting Guide Ghana

What Are 1ร—2 Examples?

When Manchester United plays Liverpool at home in the English Premier League, there will be many events in that match. They are the two most successful clubs in England, and both have huge global support.

This match will surely be displayed live on television or streaming sites which creates even more demand for 1ร—2 soccer tips related to this match. In this 1ร—2 example, you can bet on Manchester United (1), the draw (x), or Liverpool (2).

The clubs are so popular with millions of bettors worldwide that there will always be many 1ร—2 predictions and enough predictions in the additional 1ร—2 betting markets. Therefore, there is a huge amount of 1ร—2 betting on this fixture, and all three outcomes are usually feasible.

In this kind of fixture, some bookmakers boost the 1ร—2 odds because of the demand of the 1ร—2 football betting markets.

You can combine predictions in accumulators or system bets. The accumulator is multiple in which each selection must win.

A system bet has permutations of singles, doubles, trebles and accumulators. Both bets can be created using predictions for matches in the English Premier League and other competitions.

You can also place 1ร—2 bets on matches in international tournaments, such as the World Cup and Africa Cup of Nations.

There are many matches over a short period during tournaments, so there is an increase in the need for 1ร—2 betting tips. These fixtures can be combined in accumulators and system bets.

How to Calculate 1ร—2 Odds?

Since 1ร—2 bets focus on the predictions of the winner of a game, the odds are the most prominent on every bookmakerโ€™s site.

To start with, there is no special 1ร—2 odds calculator. But as a general rule, 1ร—2 betting odds are calculated on probability. So the probability is on either the favourite team winning or the underdogs losing.

And it is based on some factors. Some important factors considered are the teamโ€™s form, the player or players in the lineup, the type of competition and the events leading up to the game.

Most bookmakers have an exclusive method of calculating odds, but the outcome is a slight difference of around 0.01 to 0.5 odds. However, bookmakers also have a practice where they change the odds on games depending on the volume of bets the game is getting.

1ร—2 Betting Review

One of the benefits of the 1ร—2 betting market is that it is the simplest market to bet on. And since several sports feature some form of the 1ร—2 market, the reach of the market is wide. Therefore, even beginners can easily make predictions based on their game analysis.

Also, since the 1ร—2 market is prominent, it has great odds. Therefore, you can find many valuable betting opportunities in big games. However, if the game is between two unequal teams, the odds for the favourite team become very reduced.

This is a disadvantage that can be managed when you play in a 1ร—2 combination market like the 1ร—2 and over/under market.

Finally, due to the popularity of the betting market, it has the biggest amount of betting tips among tipsters.

You will always find the 1ร—2 betting tips on games on tipster blogs and even bookmakerโ€™s blogs, for example, the Betway insider blog.

We will summarise by outlining the pros and cons of 1ร—2 betting in a table.

Very popular market with great odds in big matches.An unequal match can result in insignificant odds for the favourites.
You will get a lot of 1ร—2 betting tips.The odds can change based on the amount of betting on a game.
It is a beginner-friendly betting market.

1ร—2 Meaning in Betting FAQ

We have come to the end of the article on the meaning of 1ร—2 in betting. Below, we attempt to answer some frequently asked questions about 1ร—2 meaning in betting.

What does 1ร—2 second half mean?

This is a secondary 1ร—2 betting market. In this market, you predict who will win the second half of a football match.

What is 1ร—2 in 1xbet?

The 1ร—2 betting market in 1xbet is simply the match winners market. This is a market where you predict the winner of the match at the end of regulation time. It is the same in 1xbet as it is in other bookmakers.

How to calculate 1ร—2 odds?

The first step in calculating 1ร—2 odds is by looking at the favourites of the match and the underdog. You can then calculate the probability of the favourites winning or the underdog losing the game.ย 

What do the 1ร—2 and overs unders mean?

1ร—2 is a secondary 1ร—2 betting market. It combines the match winners market and overs/unders market. In this market, you are predicting the winner of the march and the total score of the match.