SportyBet Review Ghana 2023

SportyBet is one of the best betting sites in Ghana in 2023. If you’re interested in it, check out our SportyBet review and find what kind of betting, jackpots, and bonuses it offers.

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    Get up to GHS 200 in Free Bets
    Minimum deposit: GHS 1 Maximum bonus: GHS 200 Wagering requirements: 3x Odds: 3 or higher. Minimum quote: GHS 1 Duration of bonus: 30 days of first deposit Exclusion for some games: Any free bet balance is forfeited as soon as you make a withdrawal Offer is only available to accounts opened after July 7, 2021 Visit site

SportyBet Registration and Login Review

Before a punter can start betting at SportyBet, they must create an account. Creating an account certifies you as a member of the sportsbook. You will then be able to deposit money into a local wallet and start wagering using that money.


The process of creating your account at SportyBet Ghana is actually quite simple. Once it is complete, you will have a SportyBet login username and password ready.

Our SportyBet review will help you to find how to open the SportyBet Ghana account:

  • First, visit the SportyBet website. Make sure you are on the correct SportyBet website and there are no typos in the URL.
SportyBet Login and Register
  • At the top right corner, you will see a ‘Register’ button. This button is outlined in White and it is right next to the ‘Log In’ button. The position of this button is similar on Desktop and Mobile both.
SportyBet Register
  • A dialog box will appear with the Register Menu. Here, you must enter your phone number. Make sure the phone number is a Ghanaian one, otherwise you won’t be able to register at SportyBet Ghana.
  • Enter a Password. Make sure it’s a strong password that you can remember. It needs to be at least 6 characters with both letters and numbers.
  • Read the terms and conditions, then submit the form with ‘Create New Account’. A text message will be sent to the number you entered.
  • Click on the confirmation link in the text message. Now, your account has been created.

The next step is SportyBet login.

Log In

Once you have created a SportyBet account, you may log in at any time. The login process is similar on Desktop, Mobile or App. The interface may be different, but the basic process will be the same.

  • Find the ‘Log In’ button at the top right corner of the SportyBet home page.
  • On the desktop, while you are at the top of the page, the fields for Phone Number and Password will appear there. If the text boxes don’t appear, then click on the ‘Log In’ button. A dialog box will appear just like when registering.
  • Enter the mobile number and password that you entered during SportyBet registration. Then click on ‘Log In’ to submit it.
    You are now logged in! You can open your account page, view your wallet, deposit or withdraw money, and place any sports bet. If you have any web or android secret code for SportyBet bonus, you can use them on your first deposit.
SportyBet Log In
  • If you cannot remember the password for SportyBet login, don’t worry. Click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link, which is always near the ‘Log In’ button. It will take you to the password reset page.
  • On the password reset page, enter your phone number. A text message will be sent to that phone number. Click on the link in the text message to reset your password and set a new one. Hopefully, the new password is easier to remember and just as secure.

Finally, you can now register and log in. All you have to do is deposit some money and you will be ready to get betting!

SportyBet Bonus Review

There is one more thing to keep in mind – the bonus. After creating the account you will get a SportyBet Registration bonus.

This registration bonus is given out to all new players at SportyBet Ghana. It is basically a ‘thank you’ reward for signing up. Claiming this bonus is quite easy. First, you have to log in on your brand new account. Next, you can visit the ‘Deposit’ page.

If you have not made a deposit yet, then on your first deposit the bonus will activate.

The exact specifics of the SportyBet registration bonus actually varies a bit. Generally, it will give players a certain amount of cash. The bonus cash might be equal to the deposit amount, or 3/4 of that amount or so. Basically, the more you deposit, the more bonus cash you get.

Another possible type of welcome bonus you may encounter would be a free bets bonus. This would give you a number of free bets depending on the deposit. The value of the free bets would be based on the deposited cash amount as well.

There are actually several different types of free bets:

With normal free bets, you basically don’t have to spend any of your cash. With Risk-Free Bets, you can spend some of your cash on a bet. But if you lose, a free bet will be used up and your stake will be safe. There are also some other options, each with a different caveat.

When spending free bets or other SportyBet Ghana bonuses, watch out for the requirements. Some bonuses will have a wagering requirement that you must spend wagering before you can withdraw cash. Others will have restrictions on where you can bet. For example, the bonus could limit you to Football games with odds of over 2.5.

SportyBet Deposit Review

The first step of playing at SportyBet is logging in, or registering if it’s your first time here. There is one more step before you can play at SportyBet: depositing some money.

Before you can place wagers, you need to show some money, right? This is the process for SportyBet deposit from the website:

  1. Register an account or sign in with SportyBet login credentials.
  2. Go to the Deposit Menu. Choose which deposit method to use. There are several options, including Tigo, MTN, Airtel and Vodafone.
  3. Enter how much money to deposit and confirm the payment. You may get a text message on your phone as part of the confirmation process.

Once everything is confirmed, the funds will be transferred from your AirtelTigo/MTN/Vodafone account to the casino account.

There is an alternative way to make a SportyBet deposit that does not involve the casino website at all.

  1. Open the menu of your mobile phone provider, whether Airtel or MTN.
  2. Go to the ‘Paybill’ Menu. It may be inside a ‘Make Payments’ menu.
  3. Enter the SportyBet Ghana billing details. Enter ‘SPORTYBET’ as the name and *711*222# as the paybill number.
  4. Choose how much money to deposit and confirm the details of the payment. From your phone.
  5. The funds should be transferred quickly. It should not take more than a few seconds for them to appear in your SportyBet Ghana account.

SportyBet Withdrawal Review

Once you have wagered on a few rounds at SportyBet, you may be thinking of withdrawing your cash. Maybe you want to spend the money on some other kind of entertainment or something.

Cashing out is quite simple. Here are the steps all punters must take:

  1. Log in to the website. As usual, make sure it is the correct site before proceeding.
  2. Visit your account page. From there, go to the banking page or transactions page.
  3. Select ‘Withdraw’. In the withdrawal page, enter how much money to withdraw. Make sure this money is actually free. Sometimes, some of your money may be reserved by various bonuses until the wagering requirement is fulfilled.
  4. Confirm the payment. The funds should be transferred as soon as SportyBet Ghana double-checks and ensures everything is in order. This can take a few minutes.

There are no fees for depositing or withdrawing. However, the payment method you use, such as AirtelTigo or Vodafone, may levy a small fee for transferring the funds.

SportyBet App Review

Most people in Ghana don’t actually use desktop PCs or laptops for browsing the internet and sports betting online. They do everything on their phones.

For phone users, there is a mobile version of the website. This mobile version is the same website, except it is arranged in a portrait layout. All the same, features are available on both mobile and desktop versions.

Most people who use the mobile website are on mobile data. Unfortunately, the mobile website has long load times and uses a lot of data. This is a bad scenario for many Ghanaian punters. The solution is the app, which is a one-time download. The app is a lot more cost-efficient and does not use as much data.

The app is available for all modern Android phones. Unfortunately, iPhone and iPad users will have to stay on the mobile site.

SportyBet App Review

How to Download SportyBet App?

There are several different options for downloading the SportyBet app. From the website’s App page, you can see the different options presented in our SportyBet review.

  1. Use any of the methods on the SportyBet App page to start downloading it. Alternatively, visiting the home page of SportyBet Ghana on a mobile device will cause a link to appear at the top. You can also click on the ‘Free Download’ link at the top of the mobile site when it appears.
    There is no android secret code for SportyBet needed to download it. Keep in mind that you must download it from the SportyBet website. Do not download from a third-party site. There is no guarantee of getting the real app from other websites.
  2. You may see a warning about downloading unsafe apps even from the actual website. Don’t worry about it. We have tested the SportyBet app and found that it is safe to use. Accept the download. It is only 6 MB, so there is no need to worry about how much space it will take up.
  3. Once the download finishes, open the SportyBet APK file. A pop-up will appear asking if you want to install it.
  4. On some phones, you may get a different pop-up alerting you that you cannot install this app. In that case, click on ‘Settings’, then enable ‘Allow Install from this App’. After that, tap on ‘Install’.
  5. Wait a few seconds for the SportyBet app to install. Once it finishes installing, open the app. Now, you can register, log in, deposit or bet as much as you like.

The mobile app’s design and layout is very similar to that of the mobile site. As mentioned, the mobile app is more optimized, so less mobile data will be used. It’s the best option for any mobile bettor who uses Android.

SportyBet Mobile Version

SportyBet Sports Market Review

The Sports betting market at SportyBet Ghana is quite expansive. A lot of games are available for betting here. They include universally popular games for Ghanaians, like Football and Basketball. But they also include games that are not as well known, like Beach Volleyball or Futsal.

The full list of sports at SportyBet includes Football, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, DOTA2, Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Badminton, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Handball, Ice Hockey, Rugby, Crickets, Darts, Beach Volleyball, American Football, MMA, Futsal, eFootball, ebasketball and eIce Hockey.

As you can see, there’s a good range of both physical and e-sports available on this site. In fact, SportyBet Ghana is probably the best betting site for Ghanaians when it comes to e-sports.

There are a lot of betting markets covered on this site as well. For the most popular game, Football, you can wager on all the top leagues – the Premier League, La Liga, EFL Cup, Bundesliga, etc.

For each match, markets like 1×2, Over/Under, Handicap and Asian Handicap, Correct Score, Double Chance, Goal/No Goal, Clean Sheet, Half Time/Full Time, and more markets are available.

Sports Betting

To place a bet, just select the odds box. The bet will be added to your betslip. From the betslip, you can select different types of wagers like Single Bets, Multi-Bets and System Bets.

Single bets are the most common option. Each bet is taken individually and does not affect winning or losing any of the other bets.

Multi-Bets have a big multiplier bonus. They combine several single bets, but all the bets must win at the same time. Finally, the System Bet combined several different multi-bets. If any one of the bets in the system wins, then you will get a payout.

All three types of betting can be found at SportyBet Ghana.

Other than normal sports betting, there are of course other types of betting here. Instant and Scheduled virtuals are the equivalent of video table games for a Sportsbook. In virtual games, the outcomes of a match are calculated by a computer.

The computer makes it so that the virtual matches are randomised. This makes the matches quite fun to bet on especially if you are not confident about betting on real sports.

Instant virtuals are available at any time. You can pop in and play them whenever you need. Scheduled virtuals are treated more like real sports betting, only computerised and virtualized.

Finally, there is live betting for punters who want to place their wagers in real time. Live betting involves wagering during a match. Punters place bets depending on the current state of the game.

Live Betting

In live betting, the odds change from minute to minute. This makes it really exciting to bet on. Plus, in pre-game betting you cannot change your bet even when you’re watching your favoured team lose. It stops being fun to watch the game. On the other hand, with live betting there’s no such problem.

If the team you chose seems really badly outmatched in the first quarter of the game, then you could switch your bet to the other team.

SportyBet Jackpot Review

In addition to the different types of betting markets and opportunities at this site, there is a jackpot. The SportyBet jackpot involves betting on a series of games together. It is similar to a multi-bet, except the fixtures are chosen by the bookies in advance.

Every week, a set of 12 football games will be chosen. These are a mix of highly anticipated and popular games or games where both teams are very closely matched.

Punters who want to participate in the SportyBet jackpot will have to predict the outcomes of all of these games. The SportyBet predictions use 1×2 bets.

There is a small entry fee for each set of SportyBet predictions. You cannot change the choices in a prediction after making one. However, you can make as many predictions as you like.

The reward for getting all 12 1×2 bets correct is worth millions. However, if you also get 11 or 10 bets correct, there’s a smaller compensation reward.

If one of the matches in the Sportybet Jackpot predictions fixture matches is canceled, the rewards will be re-weighed to account for 11 matches instead. If two of the matches are canceled, then the whole fixtures will be canceled. All participants will be refunded.

SportyBet Review Ghana: Our Opinion

Overall, SportyBet Ghana is a solid website for sports bettors. It is definitely above average in many aspects and criteria. The website design is clean and usable. The mobile version is very easy to use and the app download is also straightforward.

There are a few parts of this sportsbook that are a little disappointing. For starters, it does not have many bonus offers. Since the bonuses are limited-time, there are often periods when there are very few bonuses available. Also, there is no mobile app for iPhones or iPads, though that’s not a big problem.

However, if you can look past these small issues, then this is one of the top sportsbooks in Ghana. It has a huge variety of games and also has more esports than most other sites. The odds and the range of betting markets are really good too.

SportyBet Review FAQs

Is SportyBet legal in Ghana?

Yes. SportyBet is fully legal and licensed in Ghana. The license was given out by the Gaming Commission of Ghana under the Gaming Act of 2006.

Sportybet Ghana also adheres to privacy policy and GDPR requirements. They are committed to privacy and will not give out any of your personal details to third-party websites. Therefore, SportyBet is fully safe and legal to play at for everyone who is 18 or older.

How to Withdraw the SportyBet Bonus?

Any SportyBet bonus cash or rewards cannot be withdrawn directly. In order to withdraw them, you must first use the bonuses to bet on some games. For each bonus, a wagering requirement will be listed. This wagering requirement has to be fulfilled before the bonus can be withdrawn.

For example, if a bonus has a wagering requirement of 2x, then you must spend 2x the bonus amount wagering. Afterwards, you can withdraw any of the bonus winnings.

What is Cash out in SportyBet?

Cash out refers to pulling out of a game or bet early. For example, if you want to cancel a bet after the game has started, you can request a cash out. There are some conditions and limitations to cashing out. Not all bets can be cashed out like this, so check the terms and conditions first.

How to Contact SportyBet Ghana?

Sportybet Ghana can be contacted in several ways. For punters who want to talk to them via chat, there is a live chat option on the website. To open the live chat panel, click on the red chat box button at the bottom corner.

Alternatively, you may reach out to them via email. SportyBet’s email is If you need help immediately, they also have a phone line: 0540134222. In all these cases, customer support will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Our SportyBet Ghana Review
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Our SportyBet Ghana Review

Overall, SportyBet Ghana is a solid website for sports bettors. It is definitely above average in many aspects and criteria. The website design is clean and usable. The mobile version is very easy to use and the app download is also straightforward.

There are a few parts of this sportsbook that are a little disappointing. For starters, it does not have many bonus offers. Since the bonuses are limited-time, there are often periods when there are very few bonuses available. Also, there is no mobile app for iPhone or iPads, though that’s not a big problem.

However, if you can look past these small issues, then this is one of the top sportsbooks in Ghana. It has a huge variety of games and also has more esports than most other sites. The odds and the range of betting markets are really good too.