Betboro Aviator Ghana | How to Play Betboro Aviator in 2024

This Betboro Aviator guide is designed to show players how to play the hugely popular game. But it will also tell you how to sign up for a new account using the Betboro bonus code and claim the Betboro sign up offer.

Read on to learn everything players need about Aviator betting and playing games at the Betboro casino.

Betboro Aviator – Overview

Betboro Aviator FeaturesDescription
Type of bonusFree bets
Maximum amountCheck the site
FrequencyOnce at sign-up
Access the AviatorPlay Betboro Aviator

Betboro Aviator is a game where players can place bets and decide when to cash out as the plane takes off.

It will end up flying away, so timing is crucial, and cashing out multiplies the winning returns. New customers can also claim a free bets welcome bonus when they sign up using the Betboro bonus code.

How to Play Aviator on Betboro Ghana?

Once you have logged into your account and deposited funds, you will be able to explore the Betboro Ghana site games and casino. That includes being able to load up the Aviator game.

How to play Betboro Aviator?

  1. Tap on the Aviator button in the menu.

  2. Players must wait until the latest round and place their bets. 

  3. The plane will then take off, and it is a game of chance of when to cash out before the plane flies out of your screen. 

  4. There will be several multipliers along the way to build up your winnings. 

  5. Make sure you don’t wait too long as the plane will fly away – and you will win nothing.

Betboro Aviator

Betboro Aviator Game Rules

Playing the Aviator game is incredibly easy. It is probably the reason why the games are so popular in Ghana and across Africa.

As soon as you have signed up for a new customer account and claimed your welcome bonus, you will be able to play Aviator with a free bet.

Sign Up or Log In

Before you can play Aviator at this betting platform, you must sign up for a customer account. You just need to log into your account if you have already registered.

Sign up at Betboro

Open the Betboro Aviator Game

Tap the Aviator button on the main menu, and you will be taken to the Aviator casino game.

Place Your Bets

Now, players can place their bets to play Aviator at this betting operator. How much or little you want to stake in the game is up to you. You can also use a free bet.

Cash Out When You Dare

The plane in the game will then take off. You need to test your nerve and wait before cashing out.

The multiplier will rise, multiplying your stake for your potential winnings. You will lose money if the plane flies away before you cash out.

Betboro Aviator Game Review

The bookmaker’s Aviator game is very easy to understand, even if you are a complete newcomer to online casinos and games. This simplicity also makes it so popular, and signing up with Betboro to play is very easy too.

The game is programmed on a random number generator system, so it is a complete game of luck and chance.

That doesn’t mean there are no strategies you can employ to help you play. But when the plane flies away, it is entirely random.

When you sign up for a new account with this operator, you can claim several bonuses, including the sign-up offer. You can also play in the Betboro casino or go sports betting.

You can play Betboro Aviator games; we think that is a good enough reason to look at this site for yourself.

Easy to playResults are random
Can set small stakesCan be frustrating
Can win multiplier prizes
No technical knowledge needed


Aviator is a simple arcade-style game in which you test your nerve to not cash out before a plane flies off the screen.

Yes. Aviator is completely legit, and Betboro is fully regulated and licensed in Ghana.

Aviator is a random game, but you should ensure you have a good internet connection and start with a small stake.

There could be several reasons why your game is not working. Check that your signal is strong enough or that you have enough data.

Also, make sure that you have logged in correctly. If there is still an issue, contact the Betboro customer support team.