Betway Aviator Ghana | How to Play Betway Aviator in 2024?

Betway Aviator is top-rated among the aviator betting sites in Ghana. Aviator is a highly engaging and unique Casino-featured game that allows customers to predict the crashing point of planes. Read on to see how you can play the game on Betway Ghana.

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Betway Aviator – Overview

Betway Aviator is found in the online casino lobby on Betway. In this game, players wager on the outcome of a simulated aircraft’s flight path, with payouts determined by the plane’s performance.

With its engaging gameplay and potential for significant winnings, Betway Aviator has become a popular choice for players seeking entertainment.

Betway Aviator FeaturesDescription
Type of bonusFree bets bonus
Maximum amountNil
Access the AviatorPlay Aviator

How to Play Aviator on Betway Ghana?

Betway Aviator is an exciting casino game where you watch an aircraft soar in the sky.

Your goal is to decide when to cash out before the plane flies away. It’s all about timing and judgement to secure your winnings.

How to play Betway Aviator?

  1. Register or Login to Betway.

    You can use the Betway sign-up code to receive Betway’s welcome bonus/free bets. If you already have an account, simply log in to your account.

  2. Fund your Account.

    Once you have created or logged in to your account, you need to fund your account to bet on Aviator.

  3. Proceed to Betway Casino.

    Betway Aviator is found under the Betway Casino section on the site.

  4. You need to place a bet before the round starts.

    You can place two individual bets at a time.

  5. Once the round begins, you will watch the plane take off.

    Concurrently, the multiplier will increase as the plane flies higher.

  6. The moment the plane flies out of your screen, all active games will be lost.

    Hence, your target is to cash out before the plane flies off.

  7. The round ends when the plane flies off.

    At this point, your payout will be your bet multiplied by the number of multipliers when you click cash.

Betway Aviator Game Rules

Before you start your Betway Aviator adventure, it’s crucial to understand the game’s rules. In this section, we’ll outline the key rules of playing this Betway Casino to help you navigate this exciting betting experience.

Complete Betway Registration

You need to complete registration before you can access the aviator game on Betway. The welcome bonus is available for new users by using the Betway bonus code.

Fund Your Account

You need to fund your account to place a bet on Aviator on Betway. Betway bonus code can be used to get Betway’s first deposit bonus.

Bet Amount

You can choose the amount you want to bet on each round of Aviator. The higher your bet, the larger your potential winnings, but remember to play within your budget.


The taking off of the aircraft is the beginning of each round, and you must place your bet before the round begins. If you miss the round, you will have to wait for another round to join the game.


The game begins with an aircraft taking off, and as it ascends, the multiplier increases. Your task is to decide when to cash out before the aircraft reaches its peak multiplier, all while considering the risk of a potential crash.

Cash Out

You have control over when to cash out during the flight, but once you make this decision, you cannot change it. The multiplier determines your potential winnings, so timing your cash-out strategically is essential for a successful Aviator session.


All active bets when the plane flies away will be considered lost without any return. This means if the aircraft flies away before you press cash out, you will go empty-handed.


The outcome of Aviator is entirely random and independent of previous rounds. Each flight is a unique event, so there’s no way to predict when a crash or a high multiplier will occur.

Responsible Gaming

Betway promotes responsible gaming. Set limits for your bets and losses, and know when to take a break.

Don’t chase losses, and always play for entertainment rather than as a source of income.

Betway Aviator

Betway Aviator Game Review

The Aviator game on Betway is available both on the web and mobile app versions with a user-friendly interface. Its uniqueness is in that it’s a blend of an entertaining adventure and a potential winning opportunity.

Watch the aircraft fly with increased multipliers and trust your judgment and timing skills to decide cash out time before the plane flies away. Its fast-paced and engaging style makes it appealing to those seeking excitement.

However, Aviator should be approached cautiously as there’s no guaranteed winning strategy, and the game’s nature can lead to impulsive betting. Since real money is involved, responsible gaming practices are crucial when playing the Aviator.

Intuitive DesignIt’s a game of chance
Easy to LearnNo specific winning strategy
Mobile Accessibility
Multiplayer chat feature
Winner’s wall
Multiplier Tracker


Below, we cover some frequently asked questions about Betway Aviator in Ghana.

Aviator is a thrilling betting game on Betway that involves predicting when to cash out as an aircraft’s multiplier ascends. The goal is to secure winnings before a potential crash occurs.

Yes, Betway is a reputable and licensed betting platform in Ghana. It operates under regulatory guidelines to ensure fairness and security for players.

Tips for Aviator games include setting betting limits, playing within your budget, and practising responsible gaming. Timing cash-outs strategically is crucial, but remember that aviator games work with chance with no guaranteed winning strategy.

If Aviator isn’t working, ensure your internet connection is stable, and your device meets the platform’s requirements. Clear your browser cache or app data, and if issues persist, contact Betway’s customer support for assistance.